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  • Yes s feeling any less for is a Greek.

  • It's karma, states.

  • Tina.

  • Tina!

  • See Mira Lotus.

  • Roots of nails on crazy year.

  • Lava farming them often.

  • So they see 11.

  • You see?

  • Here, This is no follow.

  • So giddy.

  • What do you think?

  • Anybody.

  • What is going on there?

  • You call that some Korean aria text like a line.

  • Then what is The other one is to Lima.

  • He may get us a modest me.

  • Andrew Peacock is for this with other people.

  • Actually next Monday.

  • See?

  • Probably in a lot of sex.

  • Show your holiday with me or laughter Stable polish up the guest.

  • I got my next film.

  • Everybody.

  • Belinsky Aggie Bullard F E c Yeah, Never mind.

  • You wouldn't smoke.

  • Yeah, Mr Gets What is it?

  • Get I get beta, then analyzed with the look of it anymore.

  • Sudden love of this can go clean my baby for a don't throw pony up with joy Abuse in a leather.

  • The notion of that you were responsible A What is he, Athena?

  • My reason that Missy had Salafis.

  • Calamari Scared innie lover gift that the Lord Marshal Madonna October now Commission transition.

  • It's tomato lover.

  • Uh, Jeffrey Lowell suppers.

  • You study up?

  • Ah, I'm Mary.

  • The answer may be still may.

  • Trouble can.

  • No.

  • Intimate of here, Corky Beta gettinall optics?

  • Don't really know.

  • Very home.

  • Estimates position just delivered him.

  • Yes.

  • You mean just kissed in the A feminist DeLay's room?

  • You're What do you think?

  • You What made you think you together?

  • Hey, guess what you need, Kayla.

  • Gunners gift.

  • Almost a thinking on.

  • Yes.

  • And Cananea last.

  • See what?

  • The note in a bottle.

  • This could be a separate class action in the Scarran ovaries are punished when you're after pool, sailor.

  • My car?

  • No.

  • So, then, particle.

  • But again, I fear Captain.

  • Oh, my God.

  • Travel, Nolan.

  • Get failure.

  • So only one of the probie probie America getting cash.

  • Oh, my God.

  • Yeah.

  • Economy ticket as the city's last night, the one with the black mother people.

  • Did you see cable cable, tomato lovers, pally, Pally, Brown leather, Double semi demento pieces.

  • Allergic.

  • So low.

  • Key police about the common.

  • I got better 1000 snails there.

  • They get this in a boy there since Englishman sells, then get down on them for a second in a lover to send the affair after eating alone observing please agree at the summit set nails on Crazy Lover Kisses says I raise a lover.

  • My longing of liberty for the video I love Buddhism was gonna show that pieces Odyssey, Commander Events is a lover.

  • Listen, this whole pieces Patria overboard.

  • A species.

  • You have a lot of promises.

  • US cases, cases.

  • Ebola, like Olivia has a human.

  • A Roman.

  • Observant makes No, then yes.

Yes s feeling any less for is a Greek.


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希臘人喜歡希臘嗎?| 希臘人喜歡希臘嗎? (Do Greeks like Greece? | Easy Greek 42)

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