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  • as restaurants across the USA moved to take out on Lee.

  • Millions of Americans are ordering in.

  • Donnie you from premier Food Safety says ordering takeout is a safe option.

  • It is safe to get takeout delivery.

  • There is no evidence of transmission of the Corona virus onto the food, But before you dig in, here are a few safety tips you may never have thought off.

  • First off have the delivery person leave the food at your doorstep.

  • That will ensure you don't have contact with the driver.

  • I would check the packaging to make sure that hasn't been tampered with.

  • If you have it back that sealed, make sure it's not porn.

  • Next step, take your food directly to the kitchen and wash your hands.

  • Is it okay to eat out of a pizza box?

  • No.

  • You shouldn't eat out of the pizza box.

  • First, you should wipe it down and then transfer the food into your own plate and then use your own utensils.

  • Be sure to throw away all of the packaging in the garbage.

  • This way, you won't risk any possible contamination.

  • What should we do with the leftovers?

  • You want to store your leftover than your own container.

  • And once we're finished with our meal, what should we do?

  • Should we wipe down the counters again?

  • Yes, it's important to disinfect again.

  • Great tips to keep you well fed during the Corona virus.

  • Shut down one.

  • All right.

as restaurants across the USA moved to take out on Lee.


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點外賣食品安全嗎? (Is it Safe to Order Takeout Food?)

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