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  • Um, hey, guys, welcome back to my channel.

  • It's seven in the morning and it's a Friday, so I have to go to work afterwards.

  • But right now I am on a boat and look.

  • San Francisco is right behind me.

  • The ferry building, one of my favorites, the Bay Bridge.

  • And why am I here is because here the best party in Silicon Valley is happening.

  • Day breaker.

  • Day Breaker is a sober dance party in San Francisco.

  • It's always in the morning, actually starts with six with yoga and seven in the morning.

  • That dance party is started and then have all these healthy snacks here.

  • And it's just such amazing energy and positive grade time.

  • I will leave the link today.

  • Breaker in the description.

  • Thank you so much for watching guys please, like this video and subscribe to the Channel.

  • And make sure the notifications are on.

  • More content is coming soon.

  • Have a great rest of the day.

  • Bye.

Um, hey, guys, welcome back to my channel.


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