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  • And I tried hard to be proud of my service.

    我想為自己的服役感到驕傲 也努力去嘗試

  • but all I could feel was shame.


  • Racism could no longer mask the reality of the occupation.


  • These were people. These were human beings.

    這是民眾 這是人類

  • I've since been plagued by guilt anytime I see an elderly man

    自那以後 我一見到老人就會受內疚的煎熬

  • like the one who couldn't walk, who we rolled onto a stretcher

    就像這位不能走路的老人 我們把他抬到擔架上

  • and told the Iraqi police to take him away.


  • I feel guilt anytime I see a mother with her children


  • like the one who cried hysterically and screamed

    就像這位母親 她歇斯底里地痛哭與尖叫

  • that we were worst than Saddam as we forced her from her home.

    當將她強迫趕出家中時 其實我們比海珊還要殘忍

  • I feel guilt anytime I see a young girl


  • like the one I grabbed by the arm and dragged into the street.

    就像這個被我抓起胳膊 拖到大街上的女孩子

  • We are told we are fighting terrorists.


  • The real terrorist was me and the real terrorism is this occupation.

    然而真正的恐怖分子卻是我 這次佔領(伊拉克)才是真正的恐怖主義

  • Racism within the military has long been an important tool


  • to justify the destruction and occupation of another country.


  • It's long been used to justify the killing, subjugation

    它已經長期被用來辯解謀殺 鎮壓

  • and torture of another people.


  • Racism is a vital weapon employed by this government.


  • It is a more important weapon than a rifle


  • a tank, a bomber or a battleship.

    坦克 轟炸機 或戰艦都還重要

  • It's more destructive than an artillery shell


  • or a bunker buster or a Tomahawk missile.

    掩體破壞彈 戰斧飛彈還要強

  • While those weapons are created and owned by this government


  • they are harmless without people willing to use them.


  • Those who send us to war do not have to pull a trigger


  • or lob a mortar round. They do not have to fight the war.

    或發射迫擊炮 他們並不需要親自奔赴戰場

  • They merely have to sell the war.


  • They need a public who is willing to send their soldiers into harm's way.


  • They need soldiers who are willing to kill and be killed without question.

    他們需要戰士服從命令 自願實施殺戮或被殺

  • They can spend millions on a single bomb but that bomb only becomes a weapon


  • when the ranks in the military are willing to follow orders to use it.


  • They can send every last soldier anywhere on Earth


  • but there'll only be a war if soldiers are willing to fight.

    但如果士兵的意志是戰鬥 其結果只會帶來戰爭

  • And the ruling class, the billionaires who profit from human suffering


  • care only about expanding their wealth, controlling the world economy.


  • Understand that their power lies only in their ability

    我們要意識到 統治階級的權力來自迷惑

  • to convince us that war, oppression and exploitation is in our interest.

    讓我們誤以為自己是熱衷於戰爭 壓迫 剝削

  • They understand that their wealth is dependent on their ability


  • to convince the working class to die


  • to control the market of another country.


  • And convincing us to kill and die is based on their ability


  • to make us think that we are somehow superior.

    正因如此 他們才能唬弄我們去殺戮或犧牲

  • Soldiers, sailors, marines

    士兵 海員 海軍

  • airmen have nothing to gain from this occupation.

    空軍 在這次佔領的過程中什麼也沒有獲得

  • The vast majority of people living in the US


  • have nothing to gain from this occupation.


  • In fact, not only do we have nothing to gain

    事實上 我們不僅一無所獲

  • but we suffer more because of it.


  • We lose limbs, endure trauma and give our lives.

    我們失去四肢 忍受外傷折磨 奉獻出我們的生命

  • Our families have to watch flag-draped coffins lowered into the earth.


  • Millions in this country without health care, jobs or access to education

    這個國家有數以百萬計的人們沒有醫療保險 沒有工作 更沒有受教育的機會

  • must watch as this government squander over 450 million dollars a day

    他們卻只能眼睜睜的看著政府 在這次佔領過程中 每天揮霍

  • on this occupation.


  • Poor and working people in this country are sent to kill poor

    這個國家中的窮人工人 被派去殺害另一個國家中的

  • and working people in another country to make the rich richer.

    窮人工人 結果只是讓這個國家的有錢人更加富有

  • Without racism soldiers would realize

    拋棄了種族主義 戰士將會意識到

  • that they have more in common with the Iraqi people


  • than they do with the billionaires who send us to war.


  • I threw families onto the street in Iraq


  • only to come home and find families thrown onto the street in this country

    當我回到家鄉時 卻發現我們國家的家庭同樣流離失所

  • in this tragic, tragic and unnecessary foreclosure crisis.

    這是一場悲劇 也是我們應該救贖的緊要關頭

  • We need to wake up and realize that our real enemies

    我們需要清醒意識到 真正的敵人

  • are not in some distant land and not people


  • whose names we don't know and cultures we don't understand.


  • The enemy is people we know very well and people we can identify.


  • The enemy is a system that wages war when it's profitable.

    敵人是一個當有利可圖時 便發動戰爭的體制

  • The enemy is the CEO's who lay us off our jobs when it's profitable.

    敵人是那些當有利可圖時 就解雇我們的CEO們

  • It's the insurance companies who deny us health care when it's profitable.

    在有利可圖時 正是那些保險公司拒絕給予我們醫療保險

  • It's the banks who take away our homes when it's profitable.

    在有利可圖時 正是那些銀行拆散了我們的家庭

  • Our enemy is not 5,000 miles away. They are right here at home.

    我們的敵人並不在5000里之外 他們就在我們的家鄉

  • If we organize and fight with our sisters and brothers

    如果我們團結起來 與大家並肩戰鬥

  • we can stop this war. We can stop this government

    我們可以阻止這場戰爭 我們可以阻止這個政府

  • and we can create a better world.


  • "If tyranny and oppression come to this land


  • it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy...


  • The loss of Liberty at home is to be charged


  • to the provisions against danger real or imagined from abroad..."


  • - James Madison -

    - 詹姆斯·麥迪遜(美國第四任總統 開國之父之一)

  • Edited by Phaedrus


And I tried hard to be proud of my service.

我想為自己的服役感到驕傲 也努力去嘗試

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