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hi, everyone.
When people think about applying for jobs, they often think of simply applying online first.
But it's not always the best strategy, because that's what pretty much everyone else does.
So, I think, is that there are actually four other ways of applying for jobs that are particularly effective.
There are using Lincoln in person.
They're working, getting referrals, using career first or recruiting events.
I think they're really effective for software engineering jobs, but I believe that they're effective for other types of jobs, too.
Personally, I've used a combination off these strategies to get a job interviews with companies like Facebook on Yelp on job offers from companies like Microsoft and Google.
In this video, I'm gonna walk you through exactly how to use, you know, each of these strategies on.
I'm gonna give you some tips on tricks along the way, too.
But 1st 1 thing to keep in mind it's that the best strategy for applying for jobs is gonna be actually different, depending on the size of the company that you're applying to.
So if you're applying too small to medium sized companies, then the best strategies are using lengthen using in person they're working.
But if you're applying to more popular, larger companies, let's say Google or Facebook, then the best strategies are actually using Corey Affairs, using referrals on top of simply applying online.
So with that in mind, let's go through all of those four strategies.
In my opinion, Lincoln is the best way by far for applying for software engineering positions, small to medium sized companies.
So I'm just gonna walk you through how to use it exactly.
Step by step.
So let's say you found a position that you're interested in applying to, for example, this one for deployed engineer in New York at this company called Volunteer.
Then, instead of simply applying online with this button right here, I would go to lengthen on fine recruiters off this company.
You can search for them by typing in recruiters on in the company name.
This company is called Palan Tear.
If you're targeting a small to medium sized company, you should be able to find, you know, at least about 5 to 6 recruiters.
Once you find them, I would just add them all by clicking these connect buns you can out of note, but you don't have to just the same time here.
So, you know, keep clicking, connect on, Let's say, you know, 6 to 7 recruiters or so on.
Once you send those connection of requests, just wait for one week or so.
And if some of them are you back, that's a really good sign, because that means that there are at least somewhat active on Lincoln on.
At that point.
Send messages to Onley, those people who added your back because I think it's just more efficient that way you're on Lee.
Trying to, you know, sort of contact people who are active on linked in that way on those messages can be pretty simple.
I sort of wrote a template message here that you can use.
He says, Hi first name and then thank you for accepting my connection requests.
I am thinking of applying to this position I found on your website and then copy that position euro two right here and explain your situation in one sentence.
For example, I am about to graduate from a six months courting boot camp program that covers full stock development in JavaScript and then say something like, I was wondering, would I be qualified enough for this position.
If not, is there anything I can do to better prepare myself?
Regards your first name.
So basically, with a message like this, you know, you know how qualified your for the position you won't apply to If you're not qualified yet, that's okay.
Because with the second question, you have sort of a better idea about what skills to work on next.
And after you send this message to, let's say, 2 to 3 recruiters.
If one of them says you're qualified enough, then go back to the website and then just apply here on after that.
If you don't hear back from them, go back to linked in on Send a full up message.
Actually, I have a template for the full up message right here.
To that one can be pretty simple.
It's just Hi first name, as you suggested.
I applied to the position name position about two weeks ago.
I was just wondering what the start us off.
My obligation might be regards your first name.
So this way, if they forget about your application or something, you'll be able to full up with them and sort of remind them about your application.
I've personally used this particular strategy in the past to get interviews with companies like Ah, Yelp on this company called Hammering.
So it actually works on.
I think the best way to use this strategy is to go through this strategy at the same time for several jobs.
So in the first step, you know, find five or six jobs at five or six companies and then go to lengthen.
Find recruiters at those companies, five or six recruiters each, send them a message and then follow through the entire process at the same time.
That way.
Okay, the second strategy I recommend for small to medium sized companies is in person that working for this use websites like meetup dot com and to find events just sort of find something that you're interested in.
So, let's say, as an example, your incident.
Then you can just type in javascript on meetup dot com with your location, let's say Toronto and then click groups here.
You should be able to find relevance groups here.
Once you join one of these groups, fine an upcoming event and then just go there now when you're at one of these events.
You should really make sure to talk to the people they're sort of individually on if you're not sure exactly what to say.
Already sort of talked about it in my video about how to learn to Could, But you should basically find someone who is not talking to anyone else and then sort of way about them get their attention somehow, you know, say something like, Hi.
How are you?
What brings you here?
And then if you don't feel comfortable with that person you started talking to, you should just find someone else on eventually.
If you explained that you're looking for a job based on certain technologies, chances are they'll know someone else who is looking for someone to hire with those technologies.
So that way, you know, you might be able to get a good lead with one of these events.
Okay, The third strategy I recommend is getting referrals.
So if you know friends who work at the company's you want to work out, you know, that's great.
Used to just ask them if you can get a referral from them.
But if you don't, you still might be able to actually use this strategy.
All you need to do is you need Thio connect with someone who's working at the company.
You wanna work out on Lincoln, So use the same type of strategy as the one I explained earlier about Lincoln.
You know, at them first and then send them a message if they on your back and then instead of just, you know, asking them if you're qualified enough for the position you want apply for, just ask them for advice on over the course of, let's say, a few weeks or a few months.
If you feel like you've built, you know, solid enough connection with them, then ask for a referral after that.
Now, the fourth strategy of recommend, particularly for large companies, is using career vents on recruiting events.
So these events are usually held universities, but sometimes they're held at public places, too.
So find one year you and just go there.
I think your goal at one of these events should be to give out at least 10 copies over your resume if they're 10 companies there, so, you know, bring about 20 copies over your resume.
Just be say when you're there, trying not to spend too much time on any single company, and then just keep giving out your business, okay?
And if you want to talk to accompany their you know nothing about, you can actually just ask them what they do by saying something, like, you know, Hi.
Could you explain where your company does Exactly On.
By the way, when I was my university, I noticed that these events usually don't check for your students I d s.
So I think if you're not a student at the university where, you know, this kind of event is held that you can probably just sneak in and then start giving out your resonance on.
Actually, I don't see anything wrong with that because you're looking for a job and they're looking for someone to hire.
Okay, that's it for this video.
Thank you.
As always for watching my videos.


4 Best Ways to Apply for Software Engineer Jobs

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