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  • bjbjVwVw Marco: Hey, welcome back to another segment with the Chiropractic Source. I m

  • Dr. Marco Ferrucci and I would guess that most people that engage in an exercise program

  • do it to physically look good. Very rarely do people actually think about the benefits

  • beyond looking good. Today, I brought a special guest. His name is Danny Ribaudo. He is a

  • certified personal trainer. He is going to share with us the top five things beyond just

  • looking good about exercise, so Danny. Danny: Thanks Dr. Marco. Hi everybody, my name is

  • Danny Ribaudo and like Dr. Marco said, I m a certified personal trainer and a life coach.

  • What I m going to talk to you today about is five fitness facts and benefits of exercising

  • that most people either don t know about or don t talk about. The name of my business

  • is called Fitness and Beyond. I m very passionate about that whole beyond form and that s what

  • I m going to offer to you today. Fact number one, the human being is made up of mind, body

  • and spirit, three different components much like a tripod. A tripod has three legs. If

  • you take away anyone of those legs, the tripod s going to fall. It s not going to be able

  • to perform the function that is supposed to perform. The human being is the same exact

  • way. Fact number two, exercise boosts brainpower. It actually releases a brain chemical called

  • serotonin, which allows you to think clearer and think clearer longer. Fact number three,

  • exercise gives you energy. It produces a chemical called endorphins which allows you to feel

  • energized that s why most people workout during the day because then you ll have that sustained

  • feeling of energy throughout the day. There s always that three o clock low and we want

  • to take a nap, you will actually be able to break through that by exercising. Fact number

  • four, movement melts away stress. It releases a relaxation response within the body, which

  • heightens your mood, allows you to feel happier, and actually keeps depression at bay. Let

  • me ask you this, how do you think your relationships will be if your felt better? That s right

  • they d be awesome. Fact number five, exercise helps ward off disease. It strengthens your

  • immune system, it can slow and prevent osteoporosis, arthritis, diabetes, strokes and heart disease.

  • To me those five facts are a lot more important and a lot more vital than just looking good,

  • but like I said I would love to look good too, but what good is looking good if you

  • can t think straight, you re tired, you re depressed, and you re sick? It s not going

  • to work. I hope I was able to provide some information for you and also inspire you.

  • Thank you so much for your help. Have a healthy day. Marco: Thank you so much Danny, that

  • was very elaborate and perfectly said. If you would like more information about both

  • Danny and I, you could visit Thank you and have a wonderful day. gdR, urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags

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bjbjVwVw Marco: Hey, welcome back to another segment with the Chiropractic Source. I m


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運動的五大好處,除了 "好看",還有什麼好處? (Top 5 Benefits of Exercise, Beyond "Looking Good")

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