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Once upon and ever after, the world was filled with joy and laughter
The stories were told the curses undone, the kingdoms cheered as wedding bells rung
But there a some not filled with glee, who sneer at endings happily
in a broken castle they plot and stew, the villains tale in not yet through.
They say that endings are always happy
The truest of love will save the day
But when it's all taken from you you're left with nothing to do
But wait for the day to make someone pay
I was once the mistress of all that's evil
They whisper my name and quiver with fear
The battle was won they thought that the story was done
But patience my dears I've only just begun
An eye, for an eye
A wrong for a wrong
Never forgive, never forget, this is your last regret!
What goes around comes around
I was once the most powerful being on earth
Undone by a wish in the blink of an eye
My entire life was ruined
All because of a shoe
The time is now you'll get what's coming to you
They say that there's sides to every story
The one that is black and one that is white
We take it to break it
We pillage and plunder, we do what we like
'cause we have a wrong we have to set right
Now, what if I told you there was a way to undo the moment your troubles began
What if snow white never found that little ol' cottage?
What if Aladdin never found that lamp?
What if Prince Phillip never met Aurora
What if little Cindy never had no fairy godmother?
Why with a little help from my friends on the side
An eye for an eye
a wrong for a wrong
Never forgive never forget
This is your last regret!
What goes around comes around
One thing more and all is done to turn back time the moon and sun
Undo fates by endings told
Tip the scale for the brave and bold
Fruit of the fairest
Bone of a dog
Clock from a pirate ship covered in fog
Blood of a spindle we add to the brew
Let heroes be silenced
The fault lies with you!
[Maniacal laughing]
An eye for an eye
A wrong for a wrong
Never forgive never forget
Off with their heads!
What goes around
Comes around!
[Maniacal laugh]
My name is Tony and I'm Layne and we are PattyCake Productions and we would like to say thank you for watching our first
Original song of an original series that we're producing the villains lair
If you guys want to support us, please check out our music on iTunes or Spotify or support us on patreon
Don't forget there's more coming soon with the villains lair. Big special thanks to the cast. They were fantastic
They are the reason these videos are so amazing - we couldn't do it without them and a hey Tony
Who's your favorite villain?
Well, leave your favorite villain in the comments below see you soon... the evil queen.


因果報應 (THE VILLAINS LAIR (Ep.1) What Goes Around Comes Around (A Disney Villains Musical))

87 分類 收藏
安梵娜 發佈於 2020 年 3 月 29 日
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