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  • people apparently occasionally order wedding dresses from here, or even suits if they want to be really bling.

  • But you have to have a lot of money to have a wedding dress, and it's very heavy, so you get bit tired before the ceremony's over.

  • I'm here with more platinum than I've ever seen in my life.

  • On dhe, there's a lump of platinum here, more than 13 kilos worth nearly £400,000 and I can't lift it.

  • And we're here at the Jobs, the matting noble metals processing plant where they turned this metal.

  • They process it to make catalysts on Dhe.

  • It's amazing.

  • I think platinum is really exciting, first of all, because there is so little of it in the world on our planet.

  • And the reason is always believed, is that platinum forms an alloy very easily with iron, and so much of the platinum that Waas in the original planet Earth when it's formed, has gone down into the iron core in the middle of the planet.

  • So what's left on the surface is very, very little, but it is just enough to supply our needs.

  • But as we go forward, we have more cars with more catalytic converters.

  • As we go to the so called hydrogen economy, where people want to burn hydrogen in car engines, it is flattened.

  • Um, that is going to be the catalyst, and it's quite doubtful whether we have enough.

  • Very soon, it may almost be worth collecting the dust from the roadside and using that as a source to get the Platen back that we have spewed out of the exhaust pipes of cars.

  • I want away the ingot just to see that really is 13 kilos.

  • But I'm not wearing protective shoes, so my Johnson Matthey host is going to carry it because he's got the right sort of shoes so you can see I wasn't exaggerating.

  • In fact, I was being slightly modest that this is more than 13 kilos, so it's 13 kilos, 188 grams and 0.8 grams, so that's a bit extra in the cost.

  • You can work it out for yourself how much it's worth today.

  • So this metal is processed to make rods like this, and this road has just come off the machine, so it's still slightly warm because processing it turns mechanical energy into heat, and then this road it is processed to make thin.

  • No wire here on dhe this wire, you looks just like ordinary wire, but it's really heavy.

  • I can hardly lift it.

  • That wire is turned into really thin wire here.

  • If I can find the end of the wire, you can see the wire goes, the nearly eastenders my hair, and that in itself is pretty amazing.

  • But it's the next stage that is extraordinary.

  • They use machines for knitting or weaving this machines to make something like this, and this is the catalyst.

  • This goes inside a column.

  • A tower, which is this diameter, its operating in medium pressure 10 or 20 atmospheres pressure.

  • And this is one sheet of the catalyst on dhe.

  • It really feels rather like plastic, cloth said.

  • It's a bit sharper, and it has been woven.

  • You can see this sheet goes across the tower, so you imagine a huge tower with the ammonia going down.

  • And there are several sheets like this with different chemical composition, so that they optimize the reaction.

  • You get the best possible conversion, but there's you can imagine.

  • This huge tower on the catalysts itself is really not very thick.

  • Perhaps this thickness, and it is just the speed of the gas going through that removes the heat from the reaction, and you can see it's got really quite a nice herringbone.

  • Patton.

  • Rather nice in my suit.

  • You would make a nice suit, except it's a bit transparent, so you'd see yourself underneath it.

  • So what's amazing is that there isn't very much metal here, but she eats like this can concert thousands of tons of chemicals.

  • So it's a fantastically efficient catalyst.

  • And it's thanks to catalysts like this that the fertilizer is made that is fertilizing the corn and the other wheat that you eat.

  • So the only way that the Earth can support the population that it doesn't the moment is thanks to catalysts like this, so you can see it's starting amount over the top is on fire, and then we'll just drop it into the fast, and you can see that that self is burning really intensely now with a really quite beautiful flame were in the vault, the bullion vaults of the Bank of England, and I'm really excited.

  • I've never seen so much gold.

people apparently occasionally order wedding dresses from here, or even suits if they want to be really bling.


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