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  • When I was coming up, there was this mural of Julius Erving.

  • You know, Dr J.

  • Was everything in Philly.

  • I remember how inspired it made me to see him on the wall, what that did to ignite that fire and desire for elevation.

  • The idea that there would be a mural of me on the side of a school in West Philadelphia just wrecked me is from West Philadelphia, born and raised, and now a mural in the neighborhood might hold your gaze.

  • Artist Richard Wilson painted a mural of Will Smith at the Global Leadership Academy Charter School.

  • He says he wasn't sure at first how we should when he called and said, That's what you want to do.

  • It was just awesome because it's like here is my patron saint right up there watching us.

  • You know, it's just a 65 foot symbol of You can do anything.

  • You want Tokyo to think that Richard was so inspired that he found the wall on on Google maps.

  • I just talked in West Philly on my laptop and just plus plus plus, it zoomed in right on the map, where it says West Philadelphia on then I turned it to the virtual street view, and I'm just driving up and down the street looking for the tallest building I could find.

  • By that point, I knew I wanted to doing sitting in the chair.

  • If you're interested in you, probably see a every reference Thio The King Day Wiley portrayed back Obama.

  • You know, growing up, my mother and father and grandmother demanded no less of me than to represent the family every time I stepped out in a way that was helpful.

  • Two others I would have done any better if you try.

  • Thank you know I could, um, something.

  • There's nothing looked like Ryan.

  • It's book to see my mother's face.

  • When she looked at the mural, that was that was profoundly moving for me.

  • Thank you, Thank you.

  • In addition to being born and raised here, the city gave him his start.

  • He's worked hard in the city.

  • Is work part for him knowing that this man is the West really opens eyes for that?

  • They opened their lands.

  • When you're in Philadelphia, you see a lot of things in the youth in the neighborhood that's not always positive, and I think seeing that motivates you all in his own because you always gonna want something better for yourself.

  • Don't have enough role models out here.

  • You got to make it be a letter straight thinking the wrong thing.

  • That's what's good.

  • They grow too fast.

  • You need people that's putting that out there like you don't have to do this.

  • You don't have to do that.

  • It's so much easier being yourself.

  • When you a young kid and you walk into school, you see images like this and makes you aspire to want to be that person, right?

  • What he's done in his life vibrate.

  • Ogle the scenes touch here, touch people in the world.

  • But this right here will affect people.

  • The main thing you did take the main detail you got Will's ears, right?

  • This man was Icon is looking at G l.

  • A.

  • So my kids, every day we'll see this image and know that you can be whatever you want to be.

  • This is a man who grew up and fill it out.

  • They went toe Overbrook High School Up the street was a part of this world that he now is looking at us and telling my Children you can be whatever you want to do that it's just so powerful.

  • If you were a kid here growing up now and you see this every day, you can get your real understanding that this guy is made.

  • You know, he lived here.

  • He grew up here.

  • He had the same chances as me the same possibilities as me.

  • The same everything on Dhe.

  • He's being painted on a wall because he's done something incredible with his life.

  • So after we after we shot this video, we were trying to see if we could come up with a way to give back to the kids in West Philly and to Richard the Artists of the Mural.

  • So we came up with some merch on 100% of the proceeds go to the Global Leadership Academy and to Richard Wilson so you could check the link below.

  • See if you like anything.

  • If you do get it.

When I was coming up, there was this mural of Julius Erving.


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