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  • was of guys is forced night today.

  • We're gonna look at making the new Mac book pro look a little bit more like this one before you started.

  • Like to let you know that all the links toe everything in this video in the description below, as well as a few other things like dangles that are listed on the Apple website.

  • But for cheaper, it'll be the Amazon.

  • So be sure to check those out if you're interested in getting any dangles or anything in this video.

  • So first we're gonna be looking at three different U.

  • S.

  • B C hubs, the 1st 1 being the Hutu.

  • This hub doesn't connect directly into the USB seaport, meaning there's a cord in between the computer and this actual hub.

  • It comes with an SD card reader, three USB three point airports, one a GM, my output and one U.

  • S.

  • B.

  • C.

  • Charging port.

  • And that's important because there are many hubs not in this video, but their other hubs that their U.

  • S.

  • B.

  • C.

  • Port does not charge.

  • They would only use it for flash drives or other attachments.

  • It doesn't charge the computer using some of the other USB seaports, but luckily this one does on Amazon.

  • This is $65 has a four star rating with 195 customer reviews.

  • This next hub is bison techie.

  • It is a type C USB three point airport, just like the one before, except this does not have a cord between the laptop and the hub like before.

  • This one also has an SD card reader, but it also has a micro SD card reader, and that's very important.

  • If you have a camera like a GOPer or drone, it only has two USB 3.0 ports, and it also has a charging SBC port.

  • But it doesn't come with an HD, eh?

  • My output.

  • So if you're looking to hook up another monitor via H.

  • D.

  • M.

  • I, I would recommend the other one unless you really need the micro SD.

  • This one is $45 on Amazon in over 164 reviews.

  • It only has a three star rating, which isn't bad, but it isn't a four star or 3.5 star like this next one, the hyperdrive.

  • That's why I included this one, although it only has 14 custom reviews, and it's $5 more.

  • It's the same exact pub, essentially has the same outputs imports.

  • It doesn't have the court in between the laptop and the hub.

  • But this is just another option in case you have heard something about the former.

  • Or maybe you've heard something about this one, the ladder, and you would rather have this a techie.

  • I've also heard that the hyperdrive matches better with your laptop, but I'm unable to confirm that so many people like me are worried about is not having a USB 3.0 port.

  • I'm sure we will find the USB Seaport to be superior.

  • However, I have an external hard drive, a micro SD card reader and just basically everything else that I need.

  • Like my iPhone charger.

  • That's all USB three point, and I need to somehow use that with the new Mac book.

  • If I were to get one and I can't connect that using yes, BC, and I don't want all these cords hanging out if I want that.

  • So this is a very good solution that I found.

  • It is a non day USB C T.

  • U.

  • S P.

  • 3.0, many adapter.

  • So this one doesn't have a court.

  • It hooks directly from the USB 3.0, to US B.

  • C.

  • And this is good, because I could buy, you know, three or four.

  • However many I think I need and just keep them on my external hard drive on my micro SD card reader in all my flash drive, I could just keep those on those instead of keeping them in.

  • My laptop are rolling around in a bag somewhere.

  • It would be much more convenient.

  • I feel like it'll be flush and you won't even be able to tell us their these air $10 on Amazon except for the space great version, which is $11 which is actually temporarily out of stock at this moment.

  • I chose this because of the flush nous, the minimal idea of it without having the court in there and has 459 customer reviews at a four star rating.

  • Can't really go wrong with that.

  • And to end off this video we've seen with the Mac book that's actually been shipped of the new versions, it doesn't come with a power adapter extension cable, which means you have to plug in the block into whatever outlet you need.

  • Instead of being able to just plug in three pronged plug, you'd have to plug in that whole block.

  • One actually came with my Order 2012 Mac Book Pro.

  • So if I were to get the new Mac book, I wouldn't need.

  • However, I did find one on Amazon that is cheaper than the one that's on the Apple website.

  • Instead of being $19 like on the upper website, this one is just over $8 that's it.

  • Those are the five things I would think you would need.

  • The most of you were to get the new 2016 Mac book pro and over get the links to all products in this video in the description box below, along with other dangles that air.

was of guys is forced night today.


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