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  • around the world, random acts of kindness, airlifting all of our spirits.

  • And it turns out that heroes come in all sizes and all ages, including the seven year old.

  • He's the little guy making a big difference.

  • Cavanaugh Bell saw his 74 year old grandma walking to the grocery store and decided not on his watch.

  • I thought she should be walking across the store because it's a virus season, so I decided to make a pass for her.

  • But then he had another noble idea.

  • He made care packages for all the senior citizens in his neighborhood, wiping out his entire life savings.

  • 600 bucks.

  • He even personally delivered the food the president heard about the Baltimore first grader and gave him a shout out from the White House.

  • In Maryland, a seven year old boy used his own birthday money to buy meals for dozens of senior citizens across the nation.

  • Ordinary people are stepping up in this time of crisis.

  • These medical students in Minnesota started a volunteer service to provide child care for doctors and nurses who are busy fighting the epidemic.

  • Thes health care workers feel a massive sense of relief that we are able to help them out with this.

  • Many of them were scrambling to find child care.

  • When the school is closed, they call themselves Covitz Sitters, an army of volunteers, 300 strong, who will walk the dog run errands and, of course, baby sit.

  • This is just a fundamental need that we need in America right now, and we're so grateful to be able to do this as a team.

around the world, random acts of kindness, airlifting all of our spirits.


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這個男孩用畢生的積蓄幫助老年人 (This Boy Used His Life Savings To Help Senior Citizens)

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