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  • archers like small Children who say the wisest and funniest things in their transparency.

  • My nephew was sitting on my great Uncle Leonard's lap and my great uncle Leonard he smoked cigars for, like, every year of my life.

  • And I at the time was like 19.

  • And I never saw him without a cigar.

  • So Uncle Leonard smell like a what?

  • A really old cigar.

  • And everyone knew Uncle Leonard smell like a cigar.

  • But no one had the courage.

  • Tell Uncle Leonard that he smelled like a cigar.

  • You guys, everybody has had Uncle Leonard somewhere in your life.

  • Right?

  • Because Uncle Letter was my grandmother's brother.

  • So he had clout.

  • Well, Jimmy l was three, so he didn't know.

  • Hey, he hasn't been introduced.

  • So being politically correct yet, thank God.

  • Right.

  • So Jamail is sitting on my Uncle Leonard's lap and we're all talking.

  • Jameel stops in the middle of a sentence and he goes, And the first time he sniffed No big deal.

  • But the second, the third time.

  • Then in his little three year old voice Oh, yeah, nerd.

  • You think?

  • And you could hear a pin drop in the room and everyone in that moment was grateful that they were not Jimmy ls mother, and we all gazed at her bad mom.

  • Bad mom.

  • The next thing that fell out of Uncle Leonard's miles shocked us all.

  • He looked at Jameel with a long gaze, kind of not knowing what's about to happen.

  • Gaze.

  • And he said, Jameel, I think you're right.

  • I think, I think, for the first time in my entire life, Uncle Leonard put out his cigar, and the next time we saw Uncle Leonard, it smelled like he had just been washed for days.

  • He was always clean, but his clothes just smelled like, oh, cigars and was very clear that he got new clothes.

  • See the freedom that a child has the truth that they stand with.

  • I want to take you on a journey back to that level of truth.

  • I want to take you on a journey on why, they say, think like a child.

  • Don't act like a child would think like a child.

  • Be as free as a child.

  • See, Children have a sense of curiosity.

  • Children forgive sooner, quicker, faster.

  • And if you want something new to come out of your voice, you have to put something new in you in terms of a commitment.

  • My son, like I watch the way he would forgive me.

  • He did something wrong one day and I have to reprimand him, and I immediately felt guilty and I'm in my office.

  • He's like, four years old and I'm on my on my computer and I'm crying because I'm single Mother Guilt entrepreneur and I like and he comes around the corner, goes Mommy and I just reprimand him.

  • He's on a time out and all this stuff, and I'm upset.

  • I'm crying.

  • He's okay and he comes around the corner and he says, Mommy, Mommy, I was like, Yes, do you want to lay down with me?

  • Yes, and he goes and he lays out this little skinny arm and I put my big old head on that arm.

  • There's something that happens when we allow ourselves to sit inside freedom, sit inside transparency.

  • Sit inside what I like to call care front ation.

  • Mmm.

  • That means I might push up against you a little bit.

  • I might make you Mowgli some moderately till significantly uncomfortable in any form of mediocrity, but it's out of the spirit of love.

  • You want to inspire people with your voice from your child to your sibling to your significant other to your community.

  • Tow the world to this room.

  • Be willing to love me enough to tell me your truth.

  • They love me enough to tell me my truth.

  • Then love me enough to just tell me the truth and find fine.

  • Be willing to touch the edge of your own comfort zone.

  • You show me yours and I'll show you mine.

  • You show me your heart and I'll show you my love You let me know that you're willing to be in perfect and steel have a perfectly giving, serving, loving life that you give me permission to let my imperfection out into the world to see you want to speak at another level You gotta be willing to love at another level forgive at another level Show up at another level, Speak up at another level, Pray at another level.

  • You have to be willing on every level two up level who you be on a daily basis.

archers like small Children who say the wisest and funniest things in their transparency.


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