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  • Hi, everyone.

  • Welcome back to my channel.

  • I have a jampacked weekend ahead of me and I will talk to you guys about how I stay motivated.

  • And before I begin, make sure you click that subscribe button down the low and put the notification button on and please stay tuned.

  • It's a really pretty day in the city today, very warm for the time of the year.

  • I have a ton of stuff to do.

  • I'm going to a meeting.

  • I already did an interview with a candidate I'm helping out with technical interviewing.

  • I am filming three videos this weekend.

  • I have to pick a birthday present for my friend.

  • Whom?

  • Birthday dinner.

  • I'm going to tomorrow.

  • I'm goingto pomegranate birthday themed party.

  • So yeah, just lots of stuff.

  • And I actually personally really like when my weekends are very busy, because if you like more, the busier I am, the more I end up accomplishing in the end of the day.

  • And I actually tend to procrastinate on things until they really can be procrastinated on.

  • And if I'm constantly busy with things as long as I'm organized, I actually request in a less because there's just less downtime to procrastinate because I have a lot of things going on, so that motivates me to accomplish more.

  • E.

  • I also feel very unaccomplished when I have too much time that I literally wasted, like, Rosen, too much Internet or just launching around when I'm not particularly tired.

  • I feel physically sick looking back at what I've accomplished, what I've done and that actually really motivates me to do more, because I know that feeling off procrastination fueling a boredom is just really, really annoying and counterproductive to and because you start feeling guilty and you start blaming yourself for spending the time the way you did, which is not really benefit in anyone.

  • So I do not like doing that.

  • And I like keeping my weekends in free time busy also.

  • Oh my God, I love you.

  • They're so fun.

  • I think a friend who has a birthday party to more really likes furniture and thanks for his home, some going thio a furniture store.

  • Now, E.

  • I also think that being motivated by learning is really awesome because every time I take on a new project, I really I'm motivated by what am I gonna learn in it.

  • Every time you do something, you learn something new about yourself.

  • You learn what you like.

  • You learn what you don't like.

  • You get exposed to new opportunities and new things.

  • So I'm always motivated by bad.

  • And that motivates me to actually take on things and accomplish them.

  • And just seeing what am I gonna learn from them?

  • And where is it gonna take you?

  • Because again, whenever you do something, you new opportunities will probably coming away.

  • And you're probably gonna learn something about yourself about people around you, about the world in general, waiting for my uber taking a while.

  • You know that feeling when you watch her over and then it takes a wrong term on then it takes a wrong turn.

  • And then I just feel so anxious and angry at the same time.

  • It's super awful.

  • I just tried to put my phone away and you send just wait for it.

  • Another thing that is really motivated is living in a city like San Francisco because everyone's always doing something here.

  • And even though I try not to compare myself to others on, that's something that I'm working on, it's still something that you tend to think about.

  • It's pretty common to feel like everyone else is accomplishing so much more than you do, and that is really motivated to get up in the morning and do more things.

  • And you also should surround yourself with people that you conspired to look up to because, as they say, use as a person are a combination off the five closest people to you.

  • So you need to make sure that the people you hang out with are also people that share values.

  • Was that do stuff that you find interest in an overall there, people that don't put you down, but hopefully they inspire you to be your best self way.

  • Have Logan, who's the birthday girl?

  • The one that organized the Pomegranate Party?

  • Logan used to be a user researcher, Caribbean bien at Google, And then she went off to do to fulfill her passion for Dayton and help people finds their soul mate and just help them navigate relationships.

  • Logan.

  • How do you say, motivated soon?

  • All these amazing things, I say, motivated by thinking about the impact of my works.

  • So sometimes when I get frustrated or feel like falling down by the day to day.

  • I try to arrange a one on one coaching call or even just a one on one conversation with a friend.

  • And that really reminds me what I'm doing, What I'm doing, what I'm doing.

  • And that helps me.

  • Actually, Logan sad about bringing it back to your big picture.

  • Something totally makes you need to make sure actions just thinking about that mole on thinking.

  • Okay, I won t thing.

  • I want to spend my time right now.

  • Something really bring me clothe.

  • I'm finally home, can relax now and actually met so many amazing people at the birthday party that I actually want to say that that is another thing that really moved motivates me just meeting like might in people meeting people that are doing really cool things that get into know them better and just get an inspired and wanting to hang out around them is really motivating.

  • So that brings me back to my point about you are who you're closest five people that you're surround yourself with.

  • Thank you so much, guys, for watching this video.

  • If you enjoyed it, don't forget to give it a like I'm a subscriber Put in the notification button on.

  • And I hope you have a wonderful evening.

  • A wonderful day and I'll see you very soon.

  • Bye for now.

Hi, everyone.


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