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  • everybody hope you're all doing good.

  • Now I'm excited for this topical video because I'm not really much of a movie buff.

  • But once every so often a preview will catch my eye.

  • And after watching it, I decide I will wait a month and 1/2 after the movie premiere so that I could go to the Discount Regency Theater on half off Tuesday's to watch a movie for once in my Life.

  • But I ain't gonna pay no.

  • $15 at the ArcLight.

  • But one movie that I'm actually kind of excited for is Black Panther, starring Chadwick Boseman, Michael B.

  • Jordan and Lupita.

  • Younger actually kind of grew up appreciating comic books and superheroes and superhero movies and plot lines and all that good stuff like I didn't collect comics, but I would go to the comic book store and read the comics and then walk out anyway.

  • The cool thing about Black Panther is that it takes place in a fictitious nation known as Wauconda, and I think with the Marvel universe did to this place is really cool.

  • Before we get into this, though, if you like heroes and villains and battles are good friends Vikings.

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  • Thanks, guys.

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  • Thanks, Vikings.

  • You guys are always helping us out.

  • Really appreciate it.

  • You guys rock now.

  • Back to what conduct when it comes to what conduct The Marvel universe has gone under sub genre known as Afro Futurism, a plot that follows the timeline in which certain areas and people, groups of Africa, have developed beyond the cultures of the planet.

  • Here's thing according to Marvel.

  • While Conda is supposed to be located somewhere in sub Saharan Africa, however, the location always kind of seems to shift over the years.

  • Sometimes it's close to Lake Victoria.

  • Sometimes it's close to Lake Turkana.

  • Some say it's between Libya, Ethiopia, Kenya or Uganda.

  • However, to me, if you look at all the artist depictions of what Kanda looks like, it seems to be nestled in a mountainous region near by a major source of water.

  • If that was the case, I would probably rule out Lake Victoria, since the land surrounding is mostly a flatter basin with only small rolling hills.

  • So then, does that mean Lake Turkana up north on the border of Kenya and Ethiopia is a better option.

  • It kind of since it lies right on the Rift Valley Mountain Range.

  • However, the problem is that it's located in a dry desert, whereas every depiction of Wauconda shows a lush green ICO region.

  • So if that was the case, I would say that what condo would most likely be located somewhere in the vast uninhabited regions of eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, most likely unlike Edwards shared with Uganda as you confined lush green mountains just below Mount Stanley, right next to the body of water, which is relatively big now, although other legs like Lake Tanganyika and Lake Kivu would also be kind of good candidates.

  • I don't think they would work because there's already towns and settlements along the coasts, which would not give room for what conduct like Edward seems to be the only viable candidate.

  • Even though you confined small villages on the mountains but still more chance for Wakanda in terms of their border demarcations, the country of all Conda is almost always depicted as a place that only has sovereignty over its capital, Buring Zana, as well as a few other towns, valleys and hills surrounding it divided into tribal territories that unified, such as Canaan, Lasagna, Uganda and Mo Honda.

  • Although there's no way to be completely sure, since most of the maps don't contain a distance scale, this would mean that Wauconda, being primarily situated around a metropolitan center with few lands surrounding it, would be classified as a micro state similar to Singapore or Monaco.

  • Nonetheless, that would not be a pro album for them, because, according to the Marvel Universe, Wakanda is one of, if not the most advanced society on the planet.

  • They've developed their own advanced computer systems hovering aircrafts from birth.

  • Every citizen has provided Kim oil beads that are not only used for communication but also monitors their health and records medical history.

  • Supposedly, they also have a cure for cancer, but are reluctant to share it with the outside world.

  • One council member, even saying that if they the outside world, cared about their people's health, it wouldn't sell cigarettes.

  • Speaking of which, the governmental system of Wakanda is pretty unique to, according to the Marvel universe, Wakanda is ruled by the king, otherwise known as the Black Panther, which is where the hero comes from.

  • The Black Panther is not only the king but also the religious figurehead, as they follow ties to the any at ancient beings that they believed visited Earth long ago and were worshipped in Egypt.

  • First, the Black Panther also has to prove his worth with a series of combat and herbal rituals.

  • Usually the rule is hereditary, but it can be challenged by anybody in the kingdom in a combat ceremony, which is where part of the plot line comes from.

  • With Michael be Jordan's character.

  • The history of Wakanda is pretty shrouded in mystery, however, according to marvel starts a long time ago when a huge meteorite containing Vibranium metal that Captain America's Shield is made out of struck an area that the locals noticed and built amount to cover up as it became their most prized resource that allow them to advance and flourish.

  • The national language of Wakanda is what Condon, which I would assume is possibly maybe Bond to baste.

  • Or maybe even Kucinich based if they still hold the ties to ancient Egypt, as portrayed in the comic books.

  • It could even be like an evolved dialect of the ancient Nubian language that, when extinct in the South Nile area, the major resource of the country is, of course, Vibranium.

  • They have you is this mineral to turn them into one of the most economically stable nations on the planet.

  • Apparently, Vibranium is sold at $10,000 per gram, and what contest Sacred Mound is estimated to have about 10,000 tons of the material.

  • They have their own military, composed of an army, navy and air guard, as well as the former hot oot Siradze, or secret police, which is where Lupita Nyong'o's character comes in.

  • Where is the King is protected by the Doorman Lodge, a devoted female warrior bodyguard trained in a facility known as the Ponga.

  • The country also has their own council of elders, known as the Typhon.

  • Now made up of 18 United tribes.

  • They have their own intelligence agency known as Pride Princess Region Intelligence Division executives, their technology's incredibly advanced with independently developed computer systems, have hovercrafts, teleportation, machines.

  • One thing I really appreciate that just by looking at the trailer is the aesthetic research that they pulled off.

  • They incorporated a lot of pan African elements into a cyber futuristic setting that doesn't sacrifice any of the indigenous undertones They have.

  • Body modification customs, like the scar patterns on Michael Be Jordan's character, Eric kill Munger Stevens resemble those of the Morsi and Storm A Tribes of Ethiopia.

  • Certain characters have lip plates, bead artwork, you know, small little details like that.

  • Overall, I'm pretty excited.

  • I mean, I don't know exactly how the plot line is gonna unfold.

  • Apparently, there's a car chase scene that happens in a busy city section of Korea for some reason, So I'm down for that.

  • I mean, overall, I'm just pretty excited for this movie And I think one of the reasons why is because Africa is always usually kind of marginalized in media.

  • And for once, for once, it's just in the spotlight and a powerful, beautiful cinematic experience.

  • And I like that.

  • I like that.

  • Anyway, that's just my kind of take.

  • On what?

  • Condo?

  • Hope you liked it.

  • Subscribe if you'd like and stay cool, stay tuned and way.

everybody hope you're all doing good.


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