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  • Hey, guys, welcome back to my channel and welcome to my apartment in this city.

  • I'm gonna give you a tour of my San Francisco apartment, so please stay tuned.

  • So as soon as we walk in, we are in the hole way.

  • When you're in the hole way, you can see this big flower painting, a table and some fresh flowers.

  • I absolutely love flowers.

  • So I always make sure that there's something over here a swell a ce in other places in the apartment.

  • You guys might be wondering what the heck this is.

  • But actually, you can see a thing like this in a lot of old San Francisco apartments.

  • So this used to be a phone, Len Lye.

  • But now is just a decorative shelf, which I put this doll that was made by artisans in Vala Rousse over here and just other some other small decorations.

  • I live at a studio so kind of one bedroom apartment because I have a separate kitchen and dining room apartment here in San Francisco and has been here before, about eight months now.

  • And I'm absolutely loving.

  • This is my fourth or fifth apartment in San Francisco on by far my favorite.

  • Before I moved in, I took a lot of time and put a lot of thought into making sure that I decorated the way I like it.

  • And now I'm absolutely love it with.

  • I love my apartment and I love spending time.

  • I really, really loved the layout of my apartment.

  • I think it's really practical and very well thought out on the right.

  • We have the bedroom and my living room space over here and then on the left.

  • We have the kitchen and the dining room and in the middle, right across the entrance.

  • We actually have the bathroom.

  • Let's go into the bathroom.

  • It's quite small.

  • It just got everything you need and a painting by.

  • Guess who I painted it.

  • Isn't it beautiful?

  • I'm so proud of it.

  • Then I have some shelves with some toiletries and my skin care.

  • And what nod?

  • Amirault High.

  • Then this is the buff top, and here I put a little tray for other toiletries and other bathroom.

  • Were cosmetics stuff like that necessities.

  • Let's proceed to my living room.

  • So this is my living room nuke.

  • I have a couch, a coffee table and a chair over there.

  • I absolutely love hanging out on the couch and working here doing stuff in my love top or just drinking to you.

  • I sometimes use this chair over here to work on my laptop because a window seal serves like a perfect table and my friends to moan from wanking and pushy, Um, really help me to be productive as well as, like, fun buddies over here.

  • This is my bed.

  • So sleeping space, probably where I spend the most side of this apartment, and it also is kind of color coordinated with the rest off the decor.

  • I love of a Windows.

  • I think it looks great.

  • Just center it over here.

  • Besides having my living room space and my bedroom space in this big room, I also have a keyboard and a calendar on the wall.

  • It's because I've been seeing an offer for a really long time, and I need a keyboard for my practices, and this calendar is actually here for a visual ization to keep myself a constable, that I actually do practice every day.

  • So when I do practice, I cross it off with a big red pen so that I can visualize my practice with you.

  • I have ah whole dedicated room for just my closet and my stuff.

  • I have a dedicated space for my purses.

  • This is where oh, my clothes are.

  • And this room is so big that I even have a window in it and a bunch off storage space up top.

  • I absolutely love my apartment.

  • As you could probably will burn, you tell from what you've seen in the video.

  • It has a perfect amount of space for me.

  • I have an amazing living room and bedroom area.

  • I have an enormous amount of space for a studio private, and I have a separate kitchen and dining room, which is kind of unheard for off for a studio in San Francisco, San Francisco, the city off time, overpriced apartment.

  • I think my kitchen is also absolutely beautiful.

  • It's very much fifties.

  • Even the stove is actually from fifties.

  • Believe it or not, look how old school it is.

  • Then.

  • I have this cute teapot that I was obsessed with when I found it by the rooster, as in any other room, have a lot of plans, and I have a whole big dining space, which is very uncommon for studios here.

  • I can fit a bunch of people, and sometimes that hose dinners.

  • This kitchen serves me really, really well in making my ice cream.

  • I actually have my little baby ice cream machine over here, and I have guys.

  • I have a dedicated freezer just for ice cream.

  • This was it.

  • Guys.

  • I hope you enjoy touring my San Francisco apartment with me.

  • If you like this video, please don't forget to like and subscribe and tell me, what is your dream apartment?

  • Leave this in the common section down below.

  • Don't forget to put the notifications for my channel on as I will be posted more content and thank you so much for tune it in.

  • As always.

  • Bye for now.

Hey, guys, welcome back to my channel and welcome to my apartment in this city.


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