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  • help somebody.

  • I just realized that it is finally October, even though I know it's bad October for multiple days.

  • But that means that is Hack Tober Fest and Octoberfest is an entire month dedicated towards open source software.

  • Throughout the month of October, Get Hub and Digital Ocean have teamed up together in order to offer free swag to anybody that opens five Pull request to open source software during the entire month of October, you'll get free stickers were in a free T shirt.

  • If you're one of the 1st 30,000 people, I think it actually is 50,000 people to open five poor plus in the month of October.

  • It really is just a great opportunity for anyone that's learning Web development in order to jump in there and one years worth of experience just by reading code that's open and available to anyone.

  • For example, many of these open source projects have thousands of different people that have contributed, and each of these people usually have multiple years of experience.

  • So you have thousands of years worth of experience being put into one single project that's open and available online for you to look at this thing is that you could just go to this project, read their code, contribute to their code, and in doing so you'll be able to absorb those thousands of years of knowledge and hopefully take away little bits and pieces of what they've learned over their years of experience.

  • So hopefully that's enough encouragement for you guys to go out there and start contributing to open source software, even if it's just a few boodle.

  • Minor changes such as creating poor request for spelling, check heirs or adding documentation, or even implementing a brand new future into a certain open source software that you think would be useful.

  • If so, you guys really should go out and do that.

  • And hopefully you guys can win a free T shirt along with it.

  • So guys have a happy month of October and please sign up for hacked over.

  • Fist link will be down in description.

  • Thank you guys very much.

help somebody.


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