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  • all human beings have the capacity to hate.

  • But what provokes feelings of hate or pushes us to commit acts of violence?

  • The seeds of our psychology is really built toe look for threats.

  • My childhood memories are standing on a picket line, telling people they were going to help.

  • What is it that turns hate into mass murder?

  • The way you might be able to overcome hate is to educate people about their own minds.

  • We all have the capacity to see the humanity in someone else.

  • This is a tough fight against conflict, but isn't it worth that fight?

all human beings have the capacity to hate.


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我們為什麼恨|10月13日(週日)晚上10點首映。 (Why We Hate | Premieres Sunday, October 13th at 10p)

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