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  • Hey, Vsauce. My name


  • is Michael. And my name is Kevin.

    係 Michael 而我個名就係 Kevin

  • Names.


  • Humans give each other names


  • but so do dolphins. They use

    海豚都一樣 佢哋會用

  • whistle sounds and will respond to their whistle name

    口哨聲嚟做名 而且唔識嘅海豚

  • even when produced by a dolphin they don't know.


  • Personal names, personalized


  • things, signifying that the named thing is capable of


  • feeling. That it's worthy of empathy. The United Nations

    感覺。係值得嘅同感 聯合國

  • Convention on the Rights of the Child has declared that every


  • human child born on earth has the right


  • to a name. Every country on earth has ratified the treaty,


  • except for three: South Sudan, the newest country on earth,

    除咗 3 個:南蘇丹 全球最新嘅國家

  • Somalia, which has no central government, and


  • the United States. Why?

    同埋美國 你可能會問點解?

  • Well, some organizations

    呃…… 喺美國

  • inside the United States believe that the US


  • shouldn't have to listen to another authority and the treaty prohibits

    冇須要聽從其他機構 而且公約係限制咗

  • the death penalty for children.

    兒童嘅 *死刑* ……

  • It's a moot point now but up until 2005 twenty-two states

    呢樣嘢仍然有爭議 但直至 *2005* 年有 *22* 個州

  • allowed children to be executed


  • for crimes. The United States follows the treaty now but won't promise to

    而被處死刑 美國話佢會跟個公約但係唔保證

  • always do so. Dunce is

    所有時間都係…… 俾人嗌做

  • a bad name to be called but an even worse name

    白癡仔真係慘 但係慘唔過呢個字嘅來源

  • to be the origin of. Meet Duns

    呢個字嘅來源 Duns Scotus

  • Scotus, born in 1266.

    喺 1266 年出世

  • Popular in his time, later scholars looked down on his teachings as

    喺嗰陣時佢好出名 學者話佢嘅教學係

  • clever but wrong. They were so critical, in fact, they took

    醒目嘅但係錯嘅 犀利到將佢個名

  • Duns and turned his name into a noun meaning

    Duns 轉咗做白癡仔嘅統稱

  • a stupid person - a dunce.

    愚蠢嘅人 - Dunce

  • Perhaps you'd rather have had the longest name


  • ever. A record held by a man born in 1904 whose name was 746 letters

    1904 年出世嘅呢個人 個名有成 746 個字母

  • long. You can listen to someone pronounce the entire name

    咁長 你直頭可以去維基百科聽人讀晒

  • on Wikipedia. What can't

    佢出嚟 一個名入面

  • a name be? Mononymous people only use

    唔可以有啲咩? Mononymous 嘅人係只有

  • one name. You can name your kid Apple or

    一個名 你可以叫自己個仔做「蘋果」或者

  • North or Moon Unit. You can name your kid

    「北」或者「Moon Unit」 你亦可以叫自己個仔做

  • Football. But not everywhere. Some countries require parents to submit

    「足球」。但唔係度度都可以 有啲國家嘅政府

  • their children's names to the government


  • for approval. New Zealand enforces a policy in which names

    先至用得 紐西蘭強制咗細路嘅名

  • must not cause offence to a reasonable person,


  • not be unreasonably long and should not resemble an official title

    唔可以太長 亦唔可以有職銜喺入面

  • or rank. For example, their courts recently forbid a mother


  • from naming her child "Sex Fruit."


  • But New Zealand has allowed some unusual names.


  • Right now, in New Zealand, there are children living


  • whose names are officially "Violence," "Midnight Chardonnay"


  • and "Number 16 Bus Shelter."

    同埋「16 號巴士候車亭」

  • In 1996 a Swedish couple submitted their child's name

    喺 1996 年一對瑞典夫婦提交咗佢哋細路個名

  • for official approval, "Albin." But in protest of the naming laws in place at

    去審批:「阿爾賓」 但係為咗抗議

  • the time,


  • they spelled Albin like this


  • It wasn't accepted.


  • In the United States you can name your kid pretty much anything that doesn't


  • include obscenity,


  • numerals or symbols, which means, as Carlton Larson points out,

    數字同埋符號 亦即係話正如卡爾頓.拉森所講

  • you can't name your kid R2-D2.


  • But you could, say, name your child

    但係…… 你都可以叫你個仔做

  • Adolf Hitler, which Heath and Deborah Campbell

    希特拉嘅 Heath 同埋 Deborah Campbell

  • did in 2006. Adolf Hitler Campbell

    喺 2006 年試過 Adolf Hitler Campbell

  • made headlines in 2009 after a bakery refused to put his name


  • on a cake for his third birthday. Shortly afterwards

    而喺 2009 年上咗頭條 冇幾耐

  • child welfare officials took him and his other controversially named siblings away


  • from their parents and place them in foster care,


  • where they remain to this day. His parents are self-identified

    到呢一日都仲被寄養緊 佢哋嘅父母自我認同成

  • Nazis and they live in

    納粹人 佢哋住喺

  • New Jersey, the latter of which makes them New Jerseyans.

    新澤西州 咁佢哋就係新澤西州人嘞

  • If they lived in Kansas they'd be Kansan, if they lived in New York they'd

    如果佢哋係住喺堪薩斯州咁佢哋就係堪薩斯州人嘞 如果佢哋係住喺紐約咁佢哋就係

  • be New Yorkers, if they lived in Utah they'd be

    紐約人嘞 如果佢哋係住喺猶他州嘅佢哋就係

  • Utahns. A name based on where something is from

    猶他州人 一個基於佢嚟自邊度嘅名

  • is called a demonym, which means that even names

    喺叫做 Demonym 即係話連名都有名

  • have names. An endonym is a name given to a place

    Endonym 係畀本地人

  • by those who live there. An exonym is the name given to a place by those

    稱呼自己嘅名 Exonym 就係畀外地人

  • who live elsewhere. But my favorite name for a name

    稱呼自己嘅名 但係我最鍾意嘅咧

  • is an autoantonym. A word that can mean the

    就係 Autoantonym 一個可以同自己意思

  • opposite of its other meaning. For example,

    完全相反嘅字 例如

  • the word "off," which can mean both

    "Off" 可以解做

  • activated and de-activated.


  • For instance, the alarm went off,

    例如: 個唥鐘著咗

  • so we had to turn it off.


  • You can track the distribution of your last name across the entire

    你可以上網利用呢個 Server 查吓你個姓氏

  • earth using the public profiler.


  • Or visualize the popularity of the US' top

    或者圖像化美國歷史以嚟頭 1000 個名

  • 1000 names over time. Studies have shown that your name

    嘅人口 有研究發現你個名

  • may influence your behavior.


  • The nameletter effect is a phenomenon in which people prefer


  • words, events, other people and places,


  • which contain letters similar to the letters inside their own


  • name. Measuring a person's preference for such letters


  • has been shown to be a good gauge of self-esteem.


  • Richard Wiseman's Quirkology is a great read on this topic. He mentions

    Richard Wiseman 嘅 Quirkology 有篇關於呢個現象嘅好文章

  • "alphabetical discrimination." People with last names that begin with the letter

    裡面提到「字母歧視」 人類嘅姓氏開頭嘅字母越近 Z

  • near the end of the alphabet tend to rate themselves

    越近 Z 通常都會自我感覺

  • significantly less successful than people with names that begin with the

    冇其他字母開頭近 A 嘅人

  • letter near the


  • beginning of the alphabet. Perhaps because


  • all their lives they've been put on the bottom


  • of lists. Also fascinating is the fact that men and women with

    另一項有趣嘅發現就係 男或女有

  • positive initials, like "A.C.E.,"

    正面嘅字母開頭 例如:A.C.E.

  • "H.U.G." or "J.O.Y."

    H.U.G. 或者 J.O.Y.

  • live 3 to 4.5 years longer


  • than average. But men with negative initials, like

    3 至 4.5 年 但係男性有負面字母開頭例如

  • "P.I.G.," "B.U.M." or "D.I.E."

    P.I.G.、B.U.M. 或者 D.I.E.

  • die about three years


  • earlier than average. But interestingly, women with negative initials

    早死 3 年 但係出奇地有負面字母開頭嘅女性

  • don't show much difference. Half of all

    就冇大分別 1,712 個姓氏

  • Americans share the same 1,712


  • last names. 1 percent of Americans have the last name

    有 1% 嘅美國人係姓

  • Smith. In China, 85%

    史密斯 100 個姓氏

  • share the same 100 last names. Two-hundred last names cover 96% of the population

    佔咗中國 85% 人口 而 200 個姓氏就佔咗越南

  • in Vietnam, 40% of which have the same

    超過 96% 人口 當中 40% 嘅越南人係姓

  • last name.


  • This one.

    Colleen 呢個稱呼真係好傷人 直頭係分歧階級制度嘅最底層

  • Name Colleen can hurt people's feelings. It's at the very bottom

    嘅最底層 但係諗深層

  • of Graham's hierarchy of disagreement. And, at the end of the day,

    稱呼都係字嚟咖啫 古語有云

  • names are just words. As the saying goes,

    木棍同石頭或者可以打到骨折 但係文字只係語言入面

  • sticks and stones may break my bones but words are merely the smallest element of


  • language capable of

    根本裝載唔到隔膜 更何況人類骨頭係需要

  • containing meaning and isolation and, as such, could never directly produce the 4,000


  • newtons

    4,000 牛頓嘅力去整斷

  • of force per square centimetre required to break bones.


  • And as always,


  • thanks for watching.

Hey, Vsauce. My name



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