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  • Do you want to know how to properly touch a girl so you don't creep her out and actually

  • turn her on? Well I have five great ways on how to touch a girl so you can get her super

  • attracted to you. Stay tuned. Hi, Tripp here from teaching you how to get

  • the girl while still being your genuine self and today we're talking about how to touch

  • a girl. Is it awkward for you to be physical with girls? Are you not sure exactly how to

  • do it? Touching a girl and getting her interested in you is key to attraction and getting your

  • next date. You need to know the right way to touch a girl so you can get her to successfully

  • like you. But first, the big rule. When touching, you have to be sensual and soft. Don't be

  • too rough with her. Women are delicate, and plus, it makes it that much sexier. But I

  • warn you now, this is more advanced material. If you touch a girl and she doesn't like it,

  • you must stop immediately. Don't go on until she's comfortable. Number one, the high-five.

  • When you first start talking to a girl, listen in to what she's saying. If she says something

  • cool, go for the high-five. Stop, stop, stop. I know what you're thinking. Tripp, what are

  • we? In high school? A high-five? The high-five is a good way to introduce touching when you

  • first talk to a girl. It makes the statement that you're a touchy kind of guy and it's

  • better to do this sooner than later. It's going to be a big problem if you go from no

  • touching at all to a kiss. Trust me. Number two, next in the equation, the hug. I always

  • tell my students to reach in for a side hug or a full hug whenever she says something

  • funny or cool. And remember, it will always make it a little less awkward when you give

  • a reason for the touch. It's the creepy guys who touch a girl for no reason and always

  • end up messing it all up. Number three, the hand tickle. I invented this a while back

  • and you can use this one however you like. For example, if you're talking to a girl and

  • you ever ask her for her age, you can say, "Wait, let me guess." Then you grab her hand

  • gently and you tickle her palm a little bit as if you're checking for her age, and of

  • course, you always guess much younger because no girl likes to be told she's old. Number

  • four, next up is touching the lower back, just right up above her butt. This is a very

  • sensual spot. So if you're at a loud club or a loud bar and you want to lean in and

  • tell a girl something, you want to touch her lower back as you do this. It's a very sensitive

  • spot and it will turn her on. Number five, you can also touch the waist and this would

  • be done after you touched all the aforementioned places. A waist is a very private part of

  • a woman's body. The best way to do this is again, if you're leaning in to say something

  • or if you're leading her across the room. And all this can be done whether you're on

  • a date with a girl or if you're meeting her for the first time. Now to really master the

  • skills of touching, I put together a free video series and it's called the 15 Minute

  • Super Seduction Course and I want to send this to you absolutely free. All you have

  • to do to get it is click the link right here or the description box below and I'll send

  • it to you immediately at no cost. It's going to show you more advanced touching moves,

  • what to say to turn her on, how to get her thinking about you day after day, and all

  • doing this within 15 minutes. I know. Crazy. So go ahead, click the link below, thanks

  • so much for watching and I'll see you in the next video.

Do you want to know how to properly touch a girl so you don't creep her out and actually


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5個讓女人為你神魂顛倒的方法 (How to Touch a Girl in 5 Ways to Make Her Want You)

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