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  • So the question is, is what our C name records in regards to D.

  • N s and why do they matter?

  • So when you go out, you purchase your domain name from Go Daddy or Host Gator or whoever else you know for fail normal dot com or geek field notes dot com What happens is you'll go and you'll sign into your D.

  • N s manager and you'll see a bunch of different configurations.

  • You'll see you're a records you'll see.

  • See name records.

  • You may see text records.

  • You'll see MX records, and so you'll be sitting there and you'll be taking a look at the sea name records.

  • And it's important to understand what the sea name records represent.

  • So with C name records represent is what they do is they point sub domains for your domain to other domain names.

  • So with the A records, you can point sub domains towards I p addresses Tenn 0.1 dot Tenn 0.1 dot Tenn dot won Something along those lines.

  • The sea names allow you to point your sub domains to another domain so you can point male and you can have male pointed to, let's say, mail dot google dot com So why the sea name records are important is in the modern world.

  • Many times we don't run.

  • The servers that we use for our service is so back in the day, way back in the day 10 years ago, right, we ran her own Web servers and we ran our own e mail servers and we ran our own VPN servers and we ran her own FTP servers and we ran all of our own servers.

  • And so back in those days, many times we knew what the specific I P addresses were.

  • And so we could point a records to the specific I P addresses.

  • Well, nowadays, many times we use other people's service is to ride.

  • Service is for our company.

  • So for email service is many times will use Google APS, or we'll use Outlook 3 65 And so, if you're using sub domains and you want to point the sub domain toe another domain, what you would then do is you plug in mail and then you plug in the domain name for Google or the domain name for Outlook 3 65 that you've been given to buy that particular vendor.

  • That way, when somebody types in mail dot fail normal dot com or mail dot eli the computer guy dot com What happens is they will get routed to the Google servers or to the outlook 3 65 servers instead of just simply to your email server.

  • And so this is an easy way to be a bowl to give a naming convention to your users, to give them a good user experience while also using other people's service's other vendor service so you can have the VPN.

  • So let's say you're paying for veep PN service for all of your employees instead of giving them some you know, instead of the email.

  • You know, being a specific domain name and the VPN service is being a specific domain name and all these all these different domain and, you know, sales force and all that.

  • What you can do is you can simply have VPN, so that will be the sub domain.

  • VP and DOT fail normal dot com, and you can have VPN pointed to your VPN service provider.

  • Ah, and so that way somebody gets plug in veep when they're going to set up their their VPN system or they're VPN service.

  • They can just plug in VPN dot fail normal dot com put in their username, putting their password and then that will route to that VPN server, and then they'll be access it so you could do interesting things with, say, sales force.

  • So let's say your company's a sales force instead of having them go to the salesforce dot com domain directly directly.

  • What you could do is you could have C R M as the sub domain, so c r m dot feel normal dot com.

  • You could have C R m pointed to the domain you've been given by sales force.

  • So instead of them having to remember that and put that in specifically, they could just plug in CR m dot feel normal dot com.

  • And then they will get routed to the portal for sales force.

  • So that's why I see names are important.

  • It is important to remember with see names you can put domain names n you can not put I p addresses.

  • The other thing to remember with see names is that in the a record, one of the only records you need is the at symbol.

  • A records of the at symbol a record will point to the i P address generally of your main Web server.

  • So for you, your www dot feel normal dot com that that a record will point to that server, the i p.

  • Address.

  • So one of the things that you can dio is in the sea names instead of pointing to another domain name.

  • What you could do is you could simply have it point to at Right.

  • So let's say you're Web server, and your FTP server and your VPN server are all sitting on your main server.

  • So in the a record, you have at point to the I P address of your main server and then in the sea names.

  • What you do is you have W W W.

  • And then you point that to at and then you have FTP, and you point that to add.

  • And what happens is the D.

  • N s simply plugs in the I P address that you have configured in that a record for at and then everything will go there.

  • So that's kind of a way that you can use a wild card and see names.

So the question is, is what our C name records in regards to D.


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