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  • these games proved that you don't need a triple A budget to create a masterpiece.

  • Everyone, I'm Ricky with Watch Mojo, and today we're counting down our picks for the top 10 times smaller studios.

  • But Triple A studios to shame Thegame was rigged from the start, for this list will be going over the instances when games created by smaller studios outshined the Triple eight titles that inspired them.

  • Let's get to Number 10 Number 10 a.m. to our Metroid, Sami's Returns theme.

  • Metroid franchise has, like its gameplay Bennis somewhat stark Siri's with minimal releases compared to other big Nintendo franchises.

  • This hasn't stopped fans from wanting more, though.

  • And after Metroid zero Mission remade the first Metro game, fans took it upon themselves to remake the second when Nintendo didn't.

  • At least for many years.

  • Theo, aptly titled AM to Our or Another Metro to Remake, updates the classic Game Boy using zero Mission sprites as well as new areas and enemies and a whole host of other features.

  • Nintendo released their own remake finally the next year after taking down the Span game.

  • But while its new combat system was interesting, many people feel that I am, too, are made by a single programmer.

  • Milton Ghostie outperformed Sam's Returns.

  • Number nine War for the Over World Dungeon Keeper.

  • This room produces scores of micro pig.

  • It's a delicacy that will sustain the weak flesh of your minions by filling their bellies with succulent the Dungeon Keeper.

  • Siri's is an RT s franchise, which flips the script on the standard hero searches for loot narrative by having the players play as the monsters managing and dungeon in order to kill, said Hero.

  • Unfortunately, yes, treatment of the series has been disappointing, to say the least, especially after the controversial Freemium Mobile version.

  • Enter Bright Rock Games, whose title War for the Over World was initially created to be a fan made sequel to the Siri's but eventually became a standalone release with explicit references to Dungeon Keeper removed.

  • Despite the lack of connection to the original franchise, War for the over world certainly bears a strong resemblance of the games that inspired it and doesn't charge you an arm and a leg.

  • Once minions arrested, you can leave them to their work or force them to train by dropping them in a barracks number eight divinity original sin Dragon Age, Inquisition all hail the rain spirit that was a fine display of Dragon Age Inquisition by BioWare was released a critical and financial success.

  • But it also received a fair amount of criticism for the ways in which combat and story diverted from norms and prior Dragon Age games.

  • Some franchise fans felt that inquisition was a downgrade on both fronts.

  • The demon is vulnerable.

  • No, Meanwhile, divinity original Sin, a partially crowdfunded game released the same year developed by Larry in Studios, has been cited as bearing more of a resemblance of Dragon age than Inquisition does.

  • It's arguably more challenging, boasts better combat and more freedom in terms of how to play and came packaged with a slick editor toe.

  • Ultimately seal the shame Larry in Studios is now developing Boulders Gate three a.

  • Siri's whose 1st 2 titles were developed by by Aware and was the inspiration for Dragon Age to begin with.

  • Oh, the irony, going ourselves competition already.

  • That's our ship number seven Sonic mania Sonic Games by Sonic team the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise has been dragged through the mud for years in the court of public opinion, mainly because sonic teams work for the last few decades have ranged from decent to legendarily bad.

  • I'm sorry, but can you take her to a safe place?

  • Then longtime Sonic superfan Christian Whitehead and a studio head cannon released Sonic mania, taking things back to the basics with Genesis era to D gameplay while also bringing in new levels and mechanics that made fans love sonic in the first place.

  • Sure, it was published by Sega, but aside from Sonic Boom, it was also the first major Sonic release not to be released by Sonic Team.

  • Sometimes the old guard isn't always the best hands for classic franchises.

  • Number six.

  • A Hat in Time, banjo Zoe three D Collective on Platform ER's Like banjo Cause We dominated the late nineties and early two thousands but fell by the wayside mostly because Microsoft didn't develop any new three D platforms once they bought.

  • Rare under the pretense that quote No one wanted three D platform Er's Anymore.

  • While ukulele by former rare alumni studios Platonic Games was a great attempt at a Spirituals sequel, we would argue that ahead in time managed to do it better, and on 1/6 of the budget developer Gears for Breakfast recaptured the magic of three D platforms of the era with tons of collectibles, costumes and abilities and an incredibly charming atmosphere.

  • It's not as revolutionary as some of the recent Triple A three D platform er's, but it's still a wonderful throwback that certainly helped prove Microsoft wrong.

  • Number five Under Tail Earthbound Slash mother Siri's Theo Earthbound, also known as the Mother Siri's in Japan, has had a troubled history outside of its native country, mostly due to Nintendo refusing to market their quirky RPG, Siri's or important to of its three games for many years.

  • However, under Tail a Kick started in the game, which takes many cues from Mother, particularly with its music and offbeat characters, has proven to be a global phenomenon.

  • And it was all done by one guy, Toby Fox.

  • Under Tales, morality and battle systems, as well as its engaging and re playable narrative, have made it an enduring hit and one of the greatest indie game successes in recent memory.

  • See what happens when you don't give us mother three.

  • Nintendo number four cities skylines, Sim City Fans of City simulator Siri's Sim City were massively disappointed By E.

  • Ehm Axis is 2013 release, which had a notoriously disastrous launch.

  • Do tow overloaded servers caused by the game, forcing players to play online.

  • The number of downgrades compared to previous games like the city size limit, didn't help much either.

  • Two years later, finished developer Colossal Order released Cities Skylines, which, although on unrelated franchise, managed to feel more like the modern Sim city game players have all been waiting for, thanks to its massive city sizes and support for user created content.

  • At the time of its release, it rightfully took Sim City's old crown as the premier city building.

  • Game Number three.

  • The Outer Worlds Fallout Franchise.

  • Yeah, Thief Fallout Franchise is known for its expensive action RPG worlds and quirky aesthetics.

  • At least once Bethesda took over, however, many feel that upsetting entertainment managed to beat the test at their own game, almost literally with Fallout New Vegas and it looks like the same holds true for their original title, The Outer Worlds.

  • Given that fallouts original creators directed it set in a retro futuristic space colony full of biting commentary on capitalism, the Outer Worlds ups the ante from fallout games with features like multiple planets, branching narratives and more streamlined character creation.

  • Wonder if I left the macro way of running number two bloodstained games.

  • Castle Vania Franchise Castle Vania is one of gaming's most beloved and long running franchises.

  • It's just too bad that publisher Konami seems to be determined to ignore the Siri's and many of their other eyepiece.

  • Since the departure of producer Koji Igarashi, Konami has made a handful of Newcastle Vania games and not particularly well received ones.

  • Yeah, thankfully, Igarashi has returned with a few games inspired by classic Castle Vania.

  • Bloodstained Curse of the Moon takes its cues from the N.

  • E s air of the Siri's, specifically Castle Vania three.

  • Dracula's curse.

  • Meanwhile, bloodstained ritual of the night is more in line with Castle Vania Symphony of the Night and any game with flying pigs in it is a winner in our book.

  • Want more video game content?

  • Check out our gaming channel Mojo plays and discovered games and ideas who never knew existed with more lists.

  • Breakdowns in our latest Siri's Arcade Roulette, Justin and John are in.

  • There's a lot of things being ripped off in this game.

  • Number one Star Do Valley Harvest Moon Story of Seasons Franchise.

  • Yes, Uh, I have put in so many hours into this game.

  • It is absolutely phenomenal.

  • Okay, For 20 years, the biggest name in farming and life simulator video games was Harvest Moon or Story of Seasons after the developer and publisher split ties.

  • But as the series went on, it deviated further and further from its original charm.

  • Thankfully started Valley, an indie game developed by a single individual, managed to re so what we thought was a fallow field star.

  • Do Valley streamlines the farming process, gives the players more romance options, including same sex love interests, and lets you dungeon crawl among a wide variety of other activities, all delivered in a charming Sneh style.

  • The game practically made the Siri's that inspired it obsolete.

  • Yeah, Star Do Valley coming in at number one.

  • I have spent more time in that game than I care to admit, but all of these games are definitely worth your time.

  • You will not be disappointed.

  • All right, everyone, as always, thank you for stopping by.

these games proved that you don't need a triple A budget to create a masterpiece.


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