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I don't know what that dream is that you have
I don't care how disappointing it might've been
as you've been working toward that dream
But here's what I know
That dream that you're holding in your mind
that it's possible
See, sometimes we can't say 'I can do that'
but what we can say
that it's possible
That I can have my dream
as we run toward it, as we work on it day in and day out
and most people don't work on their dreams... why?
One is because of fear
And that's why you'll never be what you wanna be
That's why you'll never have what you wanna have
That's why you'll never accomplish because
you're all over the place!
Success guys're a very, very lonely road man
Along that road you won't see too many friends
You can see your shadow most often
you've got to trust your heart of hearts
inside that what you're doing, what you believe in is a worthy cause and a winnable fight.
I wish I could tell you, your're tired, go take a break
I wish I can tell you, your're tired, rest for a year
I wish I could tell you that it's going to get easier
I wish I could tell you it's going to get easier. I wish I could tell you that if you just keep going it's going to get lighter
That the weight, the weight is going to get light! I wish could tell you that.
when you get the point where enough is enough!
When you get to the point where it hurts real bad. When you get to the point where it's over! When they're tired! When they're frustrated!
When they're ready to give up! When they've spent they've last dime.
that where it gets started
but what you cannot do is you cannot quit during that process
You cannot give up because it's not what see!
you cannot give up
You can't
You can't give in !
You Can't Give In !!
You Can't Give In !!
FEAR is why you fail
someone like you is only here by choice
One day you catch yourself wishing the person you loved had never existed
do you think he is coming back ?
I don't know
The war has begun and it's between you and you
There is nobody else in your way
See, I've heard it all
from I'm to small to I'm not fast enough
to I'm not strong enough
to I can't make it back
This is what it takes
this is the sacrifice made for great or good
It's called dedication
to the small thing
to the little details
you aim small...
you miss small
because it a small step that ultimately climb mountains
so why would you skip that workout
why would you give up on that last rep
why would you cheat on that meal
why wouldn't you give it your absolute all
that's called effort
and time stops for no one
you've got one shot at this thing called life
so what's up to you to make it happed
You've got a choice where you spend every minute of your day
No one decides that But you !
Why do we fall?
You do not fear death?!
You think this makes you strong?
makes you weak.
How can you move faster than possible,
fight longer than possible,
without the most powerful impulse of the spirit?
The fear of death.
I do fear death?!
I fear dieing in here...
Then make the Climb!
As the child did
Without the rope
Then fear will fight you again
If you make yourself more than just a man
if you devote yourself to an ideal
Then if they can't stop you
Then you become something else entirely
What does it mean?
When you do what you've been born to do
What you've been called to do
what you've birthed to do
nobody can do it like you
Nobody can sing the way you sing
Nobody can speak the way you speak
Nobody can write the way you write
If you accept yourself as you see yourself beyond yours fears
you don't accept yourself as a victim .. you begin to see that you are more important that any fear
that you're more powerful than any fear that you have.
And what most people do?
they make their fear more powerful than they are...
they make their fear more powerful than their dreams are
And that's what you don't want to do!
don't make your fear more powerful than your dreams or your passions
It's possible
I can live my dream
It' necessary
I work on myself ... becomes creative.
It's me
I've got to make it happen
It's not over
until I win
It's when you have nothing left
It's when you deplete all your money
when all your energy's gone
you have nothing left, that's when is showtime
when you find a way out of noway
when you find breathe, breath that you don't have
When you find energy that did not exist
when you want this thing as bad as you wanna breathe
that when you find a way
You go after and you give it all you have
if you lose, at least you tried !
'I failed' is ten times more remanded that someone saying 'what if?
Because 'what if' never went to the arena
Success is formulated through failures!
To face all your fears
to falling down and getting backup
that's what creates a champion
That negative energy, that fear is destroying and it comes back as confidence!
Behind every fear is a person you wanna be
And you guys find a fear, that fear will either creates you or destroy you
Fear is self-imposed
Mean it doesn't exist
You create it, you can destroy it too! It's intangible!
If you face your fears guys, you'll realize it's not that big
And once you face it
Your're 'Oh my God', I was all the time running from this
and it was so small!"
You face your fears, you become the person you wanna be
You run from your fears
You're not living, you're live but you're not taking... the freedom
Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
Don't be afraid to fail
anything I've ever attempted I was always willing to fail
You can't always win but don't be afraid of making decisions
You can't be paralyzed by the fear of failure
or you will never push yurself
You never want to fail because it didn't broke hard enough
Work your butt off!
Always believe in leaving no stone unturned
No pain, no gain
Success is not to define us... we define the success
Dig down, dig deep down and ask yourself who do you want to be
Don't think, Feel !
I must see my minds eye
See myself
confronting my fears
handling my fears
I'm more than able!
Special thanks to Craighead Productions
When you change
the way you look at things
The things you look at change.


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