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  • What is a V p s a.

  • V P s is a virtual private server.

  • So essentially, this is a virtual server that's hosted for you by a vendor such as digital Ocean Orla note or even eight of us.

  • Under lightsail says a full fledged virtual server that simply resides on their infrastructure, not on your own infrastructure.

  • Now, depending on the vendor that you go with, you can deploy multiple different operating systems.

  • You may be able to deploy windows.

  • You may be a bit deployed a bun to you may be able to employ ah, fedora or other different operating systems that will be determined upon the vendor that you go with.

  • But you'll go.

  • You'll sign up for their service.

  • You'll pick whatever operating system you wouldn't want to run on your virtual private server, and then you'll select.

  • The resource is that you need so you'll say how many CPU course you need, how much ram you need, how much store you need, possibly how much band with you need.

  • And then from there it will set up your instance, and you will have a full fledged virtual server that simply resides on their infrastructure.

  • now.

  • This could be very valuable in this modern world, where people are trying to create custom configurations for the Web servers.

  • So many people, if you're simply going to deploy WordPress side or a droop, will cite something like that.

  • You could go to a hosted solution such as Go Daddy or Host Gator.

  • Something like that.

  • Pay $45 a month for a shared hosting plan and deploy your website.

  • The reason being is most of these shared hosting plans they offer my sequel.

  • They offer PHP.

  • They offer the basic coding and database engines that you'll need to deploy what most people deploy.

  • Another hand.

  • If you're going to be trying to configure a server that needs custom scripting languages or custom database service is, you may need to go with a virtual private server so that you can deploy your own infrastructure in the way that you needed to run possible.

  • You needed to run on Mongo D B or you needed to run again some different type of database.

  • You may use some different type of scripting language is in order to make your your Web application work.

  • And so, by having a V P s.

  • You can configure your entire environment to do exactly what it is that you need it to.

  • D'oh!

  • Ah, the nice part about it being a virtual private server and being up on a vendor's infrastructure is that you don't have to worry about little issues with things such as CPU fans burning out or if the power power goes out in your facility.

  • So a lot of people think that they'll build their own server within their own organization or their own company.

  • And then, at that point, you have to worry about the networking issues.

  • You have to worry about power issues you have to worry about again.

  • If the if the CPU fan fails, or if the power supply fails, then all the sudden the server goes down.

  • If you'd avoid deployed VPs, then it's up in the cloud it's up with.

  • The note is up with digital ocean, and you don't have to worry about those problems so you can configure the server, however you need to be configured, and then you don't have to worry about those those weekly problems that come up from having to manage a server.

  • Ah, the issues that can come up with a V P s is Do you realize that this is a shared hosting platforms?

  • So it's a virtual private server, and so you may have lots and lots and lots and lots of virtual private servers all running on A cos infrastructure.

  • So the problem with that is, is if one or multiple of the servers up on that infrastructure get overloaded than that may degradation the service that you're receiving for your virtual private server.

  • This is one reason why some people purchase or rent dedicated servers.

  • You can rent a dedicated server from many of these these solution providers, where you get a server that has a specific Z on processor, a specific amount of RAM, a specific hard drive with I ops and that type of thing.

  • And then you own.

  • Or at least you're renting that physical box you get all the resource is on the physical box.

  • One of the issues with the VPs is it is a shared environment.

  • So whenever you're dealing with sharing environments, you can have weird things happen, sharing environments.

  • Other issue that you run into is when you purchase your resource is so, however, many cores, however much ram again, however much storage, you don't really know what that means in the same way as if you're buying hardware.

  • So if you're if you're renting hardware, if you're buying hardware and you purchase a Z on server, you know all the specs for that Z on server.

  • If you're using a certain type of ram, whether it's DDR to or need or three or DDR four or whatever else you know, the specs of that ram the same is true with the hard drive, whether it's a solid state drive or an M v M e hard drive so on and so forth.

  • You know what the specs are?

  • Suspects for IOB specs for throughput.

  • The whole nine yards.

  • When you purchase where you rent VPs service, you get one core to core with 5 12 gig Aram and 10 gigs of solid state storage, you don't actually know what that means.

  • It's You get information without really knowing what you're buying.

  • And so that's That's a problem that people can run into is if you're going to be be deploying some kind of Web application that's really going to be hammering the resource is one of things that you may find is that the virtual private server doesn't work to the expectations that you would want it.

  • Thio that Yes, you do.

  • You do get the amount of storage.

  • You're supposed to get it.

  • Yeah, you get the amount of Ram and Yeah, it seems like you have enough course, but then when you go to run, your web application just runs like a dog.

  • And one of the reasons for that is, is you don't necessarily know exactly what you're purchasing when you're purchasing these virtual private servers.

  • So that is something to take into account.

  • The benefit of virtual private servers is most of time.

  • You only pay for what you use.

  • So as long as the instance has been created, you're paying from the point in the incense has been created until the point that you destroy it.

  • So if you want to deploy a Web server for a week, play with it, see how it works in the destroyed at the end, then you will only pay for a week.

  • You don't have to buy hardware.

  • You don't have a long term contract.

  • You're only paying for as long as you use it for.

  • So that's one of the benefits with using the VPs.

  • The drawback is the quality of the service isn't necessarily as good as you may want it to be.

  • So the important thing to realize whenever you're going out there to purchase the VPs service again, whether it's the node, they're digital ocean or a W S lightsail, is go and do your research.

  • All of these different vendors offer slightly different solutions the different operating systems that they offer, the different packages.

  • Many times you can simply deploy a WordPress package or a group of package or some other package with the packages they offer again.

  • The quality of the resource is that they're giving you 512 or a gig of RAM isn't always a gig Aram, if you know what I mean.

  • So make sure to do your research.

  • Understand what you're buying, but VPs is can be incredibly value valuable if you want to be a really customize your server environment for your Web application, but you don't wanna have to deploy your own hardware.

What is a V p s a.


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