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  • My name is Derek Pike.

  • I've been having guinea pigs since I was eight years old,

  • and I've been judging guinea pigs for, dare I say,

  • about 55, 60 years,

  • and, er, I love these animals.

  • They're not pets. They're part of my life.

  • I can see beauty in that,

  • where a lot of people think, "Oh, that's a guinea pig."

  • Small livestock showing is part of

  • the whole agricultural sort of heritage, really,

  • and we're very lucky that, erm, the Tendring Hundred Show here

  • give us the opportunity to hold a guinea pig show,

  • or cavies, as we call them,

  • and it's very much a chance for people to show their cavies,

  • but also for the public to see

  • what small livestock keeping is all about.

  • This one, 51. Texture's nice.

  • He's got curly belly.

  • We ask members of the public to vote for their favourite pig,

  • and usually by the end of the day

  • we've got sort of our votes in their thousands,

  • so which is... which is really quite something.

  • It seems that showing is always hard work,

  • no matter the size of the creature, great or small.

  • There's an awful lot of effort goes into just one day

  • and I think that's magical.

My name is Derek Pike.


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豚鼠比賽的古怪世界!- 英國廣播公司 (Inside the wacky world of Guinea Pig competitions! - BBC)

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