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  • I'm David Hoffman, filmmaker, and you're about to see a scene from my first professional movie.

  • 1965 Asheville, North Carolina and its environs.

  • And it's a very end of my shoot old man basketball.

  • Amar Lansford, 82 years old.

  • He was a guy was taking me around the mountains and showing me his favorite sees goes up on the top of this hill, he says.

  • David, just record this problem for me because this was a poem I remembered from my boyhood when I did declamation Sze and I said, Basketball, what's what's a declamation?

  • And he said, Well, it's a public speech off a well known piece of work And I gave this one back when I was in school and I thought of the girl I'm gonna tell you about with peach bloom cheeks.

  • It's just beautiful in our family.

  • Occasionally lives.

  • Madeline, Madeline.

  • We have Sam friends to come in, and each one of your clients decide some Pull him are desolation, and this is one that I open decided on our boy say, 12 years old.

  • Heaven bless the girl, Kate with peach bloom chief on love life.

  • Men would shut her out of our literature, but I am not one of them.

  • Girl at the front gate will never rule those who was in there with years.

  • They come and go with music.

  • A little voice at the front gate will not be still in the memory of material if we just at your front gate will hold out faithful to the end.

  • What if the old gate does sag and it changes rapidly?

  • What if the poster, shaky and the last few years old Jack, we love the year old relics deal.

  • We love it for the sake of the girl who used to stand out there by your cheeks.

  • Rosa cheeks like in a We held the old gate up and counted the stars and said goodbye and counted the stars again.

  • How many times of the night was good bye?

  • How many times did lips need over the old game?

  • The old gate knows, but it never fails.

  • The old gate may have counted two kisses, but I never did, and I'm sure bigger with peach cheeks never did.

  • But what about the girl, the peach cheek?

  • She forgot her vows or yield front gate.

  • Unmarried, richer and handsome man and I will.

  • I went off to another front gate where there are other peach blue cheeks and lips.

  • Sweet and justus, many stars Now I have a friend gave him only on the girl of my home on the boy off the girl whose vows of booking a first date is a true good board.

  • And my girl is a true good girl.

  • Heaven bless them both as they stand after tonight at the old front gate.

  • I know the shot slightly out of focus.

  • I know the zoom back is kind of weird.

  • It was the final scene of my film.

  • I was very touched by basket.

  • So I left a tape recorder up on the hill and I went down and shot that c I hope you enjoyed it.

  • If you'd like to see more clips from my first film Blue Grass Roots, search those words on my YouTube channel.

I'm David Hoffman, filmmaker, and you're about to see a scene from my first professional movie.


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