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  • Hello Everyone! I am Micaela and today I want to show you

  • how to make Red Velvet cupcakes, which are super popular overseas! Ufufufu.

  • They have a light chocolate flavor but for some reason they're red. The tangy cheesecake

  • frosting is an excellent match for this cupcake!

  • So, how about it? Want to try to make them for Valentine's Day?

  • Let's take a look at the ingredients!

  • I've written them in the description, too!

  • First of all, preheat the oven to 180℃!

  • All the foreign recipes swear you need butter milk, but since we don't have buttermilk in

  • Japan, we'll have to make a substitute! You can use white vinegar, or apple cider vinegar

  • if you don't have that.

  • Next we're going to separate the egg yolks and whites.

  • Mix the egg whites for 2-3 minutes on high.

  • When they look kinda like this, you're good.

  • Put the egg whites aside and let's mix the dry ingredients!

  • Add flour and katakuriko (potato starch) to make the cake batter a little more moist and

  • cakey!

  • Mix it well, then add cocoa powder, salt, and baking soda, and mix again!

  • In a separate bowl mix some room-temperature butter.

  • Add sugar, and beat it again.

  • Add some canola oil, and beat it again.

  • Add the egg yolks and, yes, beat it again.

  • Finally add the food coloring (and some vanilla oops) and beat it again.

  • Add the curdled milk, your dry ingredients, and the red butter mix together and beat until

  • blended.

  • Then fold in the egg whites and mix lightly. (I lost the file for this oops.)

  • Your cupcake mix should be light and fluffy.

  • Put them in the preheated oven for 12 minutes (or 20 if baking 12 at a time.)

  • If a toothpick inserted in the centre comes out clean, you're good!

  • Next we need to cool the cupcakes. If they're too warm, the frosting will melt!

  • While you're waiting for the cupcakes to cool, start making the icing!

  • Beat together the cream cheese and butter. Make sure they're at room temperature or this

  • will be hard.

  • Add the icing sugar and milk, and beat again.The mixture should smooth out this time.

  • Taste the icing and adjust it to your liking with vanilla essence, or a pinch of salt (or

  • both!)

  • Once the cupcakes are cool it's time to decorate them!

  • I just put the frosting in a ziplock bag and cut off the corner! Swirl the icing slowly

  • and build into the centre of the cupcake!

  • You can decorate them however you'd like. You can make them cute for valentine's day,

  • but if you plan on giving them to a guy, use your imagination to make them more manly!

Hello Everyone! I am Micaela and today I want to show you


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如何做:紅絲絨紙杯蛋糕 [烹飪] 如何做:紅絲絨紙杯蛋糕。 ([料理] 海外の人気のレッドベルベットの作り方!How to Make: Red Velvet Cupcakes)

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