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  • Feifei: So Neil...

  • Neil: Yes, Feifei?

  • Feifei: Everyone's asking - who was

  • that beautiful woman

  • who you were at lunch with?

  • Neil: Ah, she's a... just a friend.

  • A new friend. Err, a very nice, new friend.

  • Feifei: Ooh, you really like her!

  • Neil: Well, yes. She's lovely.

  • She's a doctor.

  • Feifei: Neil, I just can't help thinking...

  • she's so pretty!

  • Neil: What are you saying, Feifei?

  • She's too pretty for me? As you know,

  • I punch above my weight!

  • Feifei: You certainly do.

  • And I'm not saying you're fat!

  • Neil: Haha. Yes, 'to punch above

  • your weight' is our phrase on

  • The English We Speak. It means to

  • achieve beyond what

  • is expected of you.

  • Feifei: We can use it to describe

  • the performance or influence of

  • companies or even countries...

  • Or in this case - when Neil is going out

  • with someone more attractive

  • and successful - we

  • say he is punching above his weight!

  • Neil: Hey, Feifei. That was a bit harsh.

  • Anyway, let's hear these examples.

  • Croatia punches above its weight when

  • it comes to football. It has

  • a population of under 5 million, but

  • came second in the World Cup.

  • Even as a small business, you can punch

  • above your weight if you focus

  • on quality and build

  • a strong brand.

  • Some of the cheaper smartphones

  • are really punching above their weight -

  • they're a fraction of the price

  • but have got some great features.

  • Feifei: You're listening to The English

  • We Speak from BBC Learning English.

  • Our expression is

  • 'punch above your weight'. So, Neil, how

  • did you meet this mystery woman?

  • Neil: Well, she's a doctor. You know I was

  • going to boxing class earlier this year?

  • Feifei: Yes, how's that going?

  • Neil: Well, I stopped. I was training with

  • someone much bigger than me,

  • and I, err...

  • broke my nose.

  • Feifei: You were literally punching

  • above your weight!

  • Neil: Yes. And who should I meet

  • at the hospital but this beautiful doctor!

  • Feifei: Well, it's a good story.

  • Shame it's not true.

  • Neil: I know. I've never boxed in my life!

  • Feifei: And I know you had

  • lunch alone today.

  • Neil: Ahh. But I hope the story helps

  • teach this phrase!

  • Feifei: I hope so too.

  • Neil: Anyway, if you're not busy...

  • fancy lunch tomorrow, Feifei?

  • Feifei: There you go again,

  • punching above your weight! Bye.

  • Crowd: Ouch! That must have hurt!

Feifei: So Neil...


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什麼叫'衝鋒陷陣'? (What does 'punch above your weight' mean?)

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