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  • Hello from VidCon! It is the very last day,

  • which feels so weird. Literally it does feel like summer camp here.

  • I know I tweeted that, but it's genuinely true. I went to Quaker summer school, and this is the same!

  • I don't want all my friends to go!

  • I do miss the dogs.

  • J:I don't want my friends to go C: It's ok because there was a whole pen of puppies last night and we were like yeah!

  • And it's so random he didn't

  • And rabbits!

  • And I got bit by a rabbit. I got bit by a rabbit twice!

  • C: You are allergic to rabbits, so they're probably allergic to you as well.

  • Yeah, we had a bad time. I sat next to Dodie, who was covered in rabbits because they loved her.

  • Point is though,

  • there's no video today which you noticed, because we're at VidCon and there won't be one on Monday,

  • because we'll be

  • utterly, utterly exhausted C: and we're flying.. J: Yes, but there will be a video on Friday,

  • Yay! Which is very exciting

  • Oh my gosh. I now - I now have to like sleep or get a lot of caffeine. C: No, right now we're gonna go do a video

  • with Ash Hardell

  • Oh, yeah

  • Yeah, it's just caffeine now. It's just caffeine.

  • C: And that will come up on our channel and their channel very soon, so watch this space!

Hello from VidCon! It is the very last day,


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