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  • for the third day of Christmas, we got something quite special.

  • We've got three pins of elements.

  • The one that was given to me this year is the 3rd 1 here, which has the element tin on it.

  • The element in is number 50 on the periodic table.

  • These pins all come from Moscow State University, where I'm an honorary professor.

  • And every year they have.

  • For the last 50 years they've celebrated the day of the chemist Yeon Hee Mika.

  • For the 1st 1 they had a badge with hydrogen on it.

  • Element number one.

  • And then each year they've gone one place along the periodic table.

  • The first time I came across it was in 1990 when they got to Element number 25 which is my Lipton, Um, and I got to pin then and then in 1991 I got another one iron, which is 26.

  • And then there's been quite a gap.

  • I have had a few, but this year's number 50 and I got a special gold one.

  • I also got a book which shows all of these badges hydrogen, helium, lithium and so on So you can see here my militant them and I in batches they haven't got the color's quite right for the iron.

  • And then over here is 10.

  • There.

  • Tin badge looks different from mine.

  • I've got a special addition, Gold one, whereas ordinary people got colored one.

  • It's really nice that any chemistry department should have such a long tradition every year celebrating chemistry.

  • So for the third day of Christmas, we have three chemical badges to periodic table bed covers on one piece of Toto Eric acid from a Swiss wine barrel.

  • Let's see what we have for day full.

  • I got up to a few other adventures in the way I'm guessing that this here is representing the Earth.

  • Correct on this golden orb here in the middle, Mr Sun?

  • Yes, Aunt.

  • Here.

  • It's interesting.

for the third day of Christmas, we got something quite special.


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3:元素針(聖誕12天 (3: Element Pins (12 Days of Christmas))

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