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  • thank you very much.

  • Mike and I want to get back to the governor's.

  • I do want to say to me something so big, Theo.

  • FDA has approved a compassionate use for a significant number of patients.

  • Uh, we have a drug called Laura Quinn.

  • A derivation would be hydroxy cleric win, which I hear even better about.

  • It's a comment.

  • Malaria drug.

  • It's been available.

  • So therefore, the safety level.

  • We understand very well.

  • It's been relatively safe, and it showed very encouraging.

  • Early results really encouraging.

  • If this works as well, asshole, Hopefully it might.

  • The FDA, which would have taken normally much longer to do under R great secretary, has been offended.

  • The head of the FDA has been doctor on Doctor Steven, huh?

  • He's been fantastic.

  • Uh, you got it approved very quickly.

  • I won't even tell you how quickly.

  • But let's put it this way.

  • It's approved and where encouraging you to take a look at it.

  • We have ordered a lot of it, and, uh, you can, too.

  • It's by prescription.

  • It's a very powerful drug for malaria and also for, uh, various forms of very serious arthritis.

  • But we think it has a very serious.

  • Very good impact on what we're talking about with respect to the virus.

  • So you'll take a look at that and you can coordinate with us.

  • But I think to me, that's a game changer.

  • You know about the vaccines of fine, But that will be a while before you could test him, because you have to leave quite a bit of period.

  • We are making tremendous progress on a vaccine, but it still takes a long while to test it.

  • We're also studying this and other promising therapies, which is a therapy produced by Gilead and that would be ramps.

  • It's called rim deaths of our Realm Desa Bar, and it shows great promise.

  • And, uh, Regine Iran was as a company, which is also working very hard on a drug, and it's also they're doing very well.

  • They are the ones that came up with a very successful solution to Ebola, and they've been a fantastic company, so we have some great things.

  • But, uh, the just the ones that I mentioned are very good, but especially, I think if you look at the first mention could be a absolute total game changer.

  • And with that I think we'll go back to the This is by prescription, but states can issue it and we haven't approved by the FDA, and I think it's going to be something that will be very interesting to see.

  • We're gonna know very quickly.

  • But we've had some very good tests on It's been successful, so let's take a look to me.

  • That's probably the most important thing that anybody could say if it works.

  • But we haven't approved for safety and I want to thank the FDA for acting so quickly.

  • It was incredible how quickly this was something that would have taken years, and they got it done almost immediately, based on the past history of the drug, Thank you very much.

thank you very much.


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美國食品和藥物管理局(FDA)準許了對氯喹的同情性使用 - ABC新聞 (FDA approves compassionate use of chloroquine | ABC News)

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