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  • You are about to see a clip where a kid tells you why he wants to be the great scientist Stephen Hawking's.

  • Now, for those of you who don't know the few that don't Stephen Hawking's was locked in a terrible body that couldn't speak, couldn't move.

  • He could barely move anything.

  • I think he moved his eyes or something, and he got to be able to speak through a machine.

  • Well, the person is my son, and I assigned him when he said he wanted to be Stephen Hawkings.

  • Make me a video, I said.

  • That tells me why you want to be a terribly paying handicapped person like this.

  • So here he is, giving you his reason why he'd like to be Stephen Hawking's.

  • So recently I have been asked by my dad to make a recording of why I would like to be this person.

  • Know this person in question.

  • His name is Stephen Hawking.

  • He is a brilliant English physicist, and scientists and mathematic assist um, and he may.

  • He's most known for his a book and be famous theory on black holes, and mainly how they may emit radiation and also may or may not turn you into Swiss cheese once you get sucked into that, Uh, that was known as bluntly the hawking theory, also known as Hawking's radiation as per egotistical scientists go, they named their theories or scientific discoveries after themselves or a close family member.

  • I don't know whether it's because of their ego or just a lack of better names.

  • I don't know.

  • Maybe somebody could have named it the general theory.

  • I'm a teenager here.

  • That's the best I could think up.

  • So the main reason why I would like to be Stephen Hawking is he doesn't have a body.

  • He's he had a disease where over time his body was slowly become more and more crippled.

  • Now someone might say, Well, you should be happy with your body.

  • There's some kids who have that disease and they don't like that disease and it's not fun.

  • And then I replied, Well, first, that disease been eradicated on for the most part, and second of all, I if I should be grateful that I should have my own legs, then take my legs.

  • I am not grateful for my legs.

  • Just take them, give them to, said child will, both be more happy.

  • Second, fancy ass, real traitor with the best voice I have ever seen.

  • That's controlled by doing that, just moving your eyebrows and slightly seductive ways he could talk in what is now known as the strawberry clock voice.

  • Now the strawberry clock voice is known on new grounds, but it's basically that really monotone voice that speaks in Bergen sentences.

  • But it's the best they could do at the time.

  • Now.

  • The third reason that I would really like to be Stephen Hawking.

  • He's freaking English.

  • Whoever has an English accent immediately that makes you sexy.

  • It doesn't matter who you are.

  • Accent also beards.

  • That's just my prize.

  • Anyways, he's English.

  • Who?

  • What?

  • American doesn't praise the English.

  • They are much smarter, a lot more fit and can drink it.

  • 16.

  • And apparently I can't use my hands either.

  • He also, aside from being him now, moving on to other people, worked with a lot of other great scientists and mathematicians, which I'm actually thoroughly interested in and would like to meet and work on projects with, I would probably seem like a lobotomized aunt to them.

  • I guess Aunt is in the right word presenter, actually, kind of smart, I would say, like a little compromise.

  • I don't know.

  • Fly, I guess.

  • Flies already pretty dumb asses.

  • You see them bumping into windows and stuff when the window right next to it is open.

  • Eso likable, lobotomized fly.

  • That clip was made years ago.

  • I've kind of raised my Children with YouTube and the Internet.

  • I believe in YouTube.

  • I believe in the Internet.

  • I believe in computers.

  • I don't think kids need to be kept all phones.

  • So I raised my kids that way, and my son is now almost 18 years old.

  • But he still is convinced that if he could take off his head and remove it from his body and not have to deal with a body anymore Ah, he'd like that.

  • It's kind of like Wally isn't why leave that cartoon went to fat people right around in these things in the future, and they just keep eating.

  • My son doesn't want to keep eating, but he lives and breathes what happens on the Internet, his friends, a Croatian and Russian and Japanese friends, thes frenzies ever physically met, but their friends to him, and I accept that to changes generation from we used to as everybody's writing in the 19 fifties clips I put a play outside.

  • Well, you're not playing outside, but he sure living in exciting life, and I thank him for making this clip for me.

You are about to see a clip where a kid tells you why he wants to be the great scientist Stephen Hawking's.


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我的兒子為什麼想成為霍金? (Here's Why My Son Wanted To Be Stephen Hawking)

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