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  • Uh, Hi, guys.

  • Welcome back to my channel.

  • As you know, if you follow me on Instagram, I am right now at the Hamptons.

  • We had a little weekend in New York and I posted a little 24 hours in New York.

  • Family bug.

  • You guys haven't checked it out.

  • Please.

  • D'oh!

  • And then we decided to escape the city to come and visit our friends here.

  • It's been such an amazing and peaceful environment.

  • And I had 2 to 3 days where I completely disconnected from my phone and I was still kind of working.

  • But I wasn't a motor, so that was really nice.

  • And I just had time to reconnect to myself and rest and spend time with my Children and actually take the time to slow down and be more present, which I think is a big problem for a lot of us today doesn't matter if you're a mom or a career driven woman or in school or anything.

  • It's just it always feels like we're behind something.

  • I kind of started feeling towards after my Israel trip when I came back home and got right into the rhythm of work.

  • I just got so overwhelmed and I felt so tired.

  • And I felt kind of guilty for feeling tired because I thought, you know, I was just the way on this trip, visiting my friends and family.

  • Yes, I was working, but it is what it is, you know.

  • I want to build something meaningful and successful, and you see all these quotes in all the success stories of people working 24 7 And you know those are the ones who get to the top.

  • So you really start feeding your mind with these motivational like nonstop go hard type of slogans, and I have to say it really burned me out.

  • So I decided to really take advantage of the Strip and to try to not necessarily rushed rate or try to find content or shoot all the time, but more getting inspired by life and just waking up, feeling grateful for the little things in life.

  • So just walking around and looking at my kids, checking out, warms and stopping for 15 minutes, look at flowers and trees.

  • I really just kind of followed their lead here.

  • It's funny to me that Children have a better understanding of being present than grown ups.

  • So this trip is really about me following their lead, which is amazing.

  • And about me, so much happiness.

  • There are times where I feel like this is not for me, and I don't want to do this anymore.

  • And I want to quit.

  • And I have to remind myself that when I get tired and when I feel overwhelmed, I need to learn how to rest rather than to quit.

  • So that's definitely something that I've been working on since I started this social media, because this is something that it's completely non stop and you're 24 7 connected, and then no, we don't need some clean.

  • What is there?

  • Leave.

  • I feel like life is so simple, and us on humans really like to complicate it and to overthink.

  • So I definitely think that breaks like these really helped to cleanse your soul and to cleanse your body and to just walk around and admire things that we surrounded by that are kind of just There definitely teaches you a lot about yourself.

  • I think that it's so so important to keep reminding yourself that first of all, you are an individual and someone else's rhythm of life or the capacity for stress and things that they do shouldn't be the same for you.

  • As you noticed.

  • I'm super Zen right now, and I'm going to try to hold this feeling as long as I can after I come back to really remind myself the things that make me happy and to remind myself that it's okay to stop once in a while and to look around and just stare and to remind myself that I don't have to rush through life and to remind myself that it's never really the goal.

  • It's more the journey.

  • So I really want to make this journey as beautiful as possible and to learn as much as I can really connecting to your own self to ask yourself the questions.

  • Why do you need right now the unique to rest?

  • You need to walk in nature?

  • Do you need to turn off your phone for a few days and just focus on your own well being?

  • I think having that honest conversation is extremely important, and I know that it feels like we have all these deadlines and stopping for a few days, which is gonna make us more stressed in the days that we come back.

  • But you really, really have to make that switch in your mind.

  • And I'm not gonna lie.

  • Took me two days we got here and it took me two days to be just like vel area.

  • Okay, you don't have to answer emails right now.

  • You have to remember that you have to always feel yourself up so you'll have enough to give to others.

  • We can't pour from an empty cup.

  • I do miss you guys and I do miss cutting content out there.

  • But it's it's been a really amazing experience.

  • And I feel like I'm getting slowly filled up to come back home and to actually give more.

  • You don't need much to do it.

  • You can just go for walks.

  • You can go into nature.

  • I find that nature is the place for this kind of so searching and cleansing and just going back to basics in your mind.

  • So definitely do that.

  • If you have a chance to walk barefoot on the grass and have your coffee outside and not have your phone and just stare at the sky at the trees, the flowers, whatever it is.

  • It just really wanted to hold that message out there because I just feel so inspired and so rejuvenated.

  • So I really wanted to give you guys a little bit off my experience of the little break that I really, really need it.

  • And I didn't know I needed, but I really needed it.

  • And hopefully you guys will get inspired.

  • A swell to just and that's it, you guys.

  • I hope you enjoy this video.

  • And I hope you're having an amazing weekend.

  • Go out there and do something simple that will make you happy and make you appreciate the little things life has to offer to us.

  • That is all around us at all times.

  • We just way too busy to see it.

  • And I'm gonna go back and drink my coffee outside with the little oatmeal and watch my Children run into each other.

  • I love you guys.

Uh, Hi, guys.


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