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  • Technically, his name is Gilbert with two l's.

  • Yeah, right now, it doesn't even have the googly eyes on it.

  • So I think that's probably Steven.

  • How I'm 1/4 year PhD student in the bio mimicry program, and I study fish biomechanics.

  • So I'm interested in how they move on and how their body movements relate to their total body.

  • So this is our fish robot.

  • It's, ah, robotic platform that we used to answer questions about official promotion that we can't with life.

  • Fish cause robots do what you want.

  • Where is the animal?

  • Doesn't always do what you ask it to.

  • And so, um, the robot actually provides this interesting set of circumstances.

  • We can change the shape of the robot independent of the motions of the body makes.

  • So if I'm studying eels and tuna, I can't tell the hell Would you mind something like a tuna for me And vice versa.

  • Wears with the robot.

  • We can make this shaped like a tuna and say robot, please swim like an eel.

  • Theo.

  • Yeah, Robot is pretty simple.

  • It's five servo motors connected through an artery.

  • No.

  • And then we use the Arduino program.

  • Thio run the robot, and the program that we've written allows us to program, uh, straight swimming, but also interject turns whenever we want on.

  • This is based on some of my earlier research with fish, and I'm understanding how they control their pulses.

  • Tether.

  • It's like taking for war.

  • So, yeah, there's no sensors or anything in here deciding when it should turn.

  • It's just a pre programmed algorithm, and, um, I used the tether kind of as a leash to reset the system.

  • Looks like we have a motor not behaving everything on this robot save the motors and the wires is three printed.

  • So that flexible tail you see, we printed in our machine in the back and these body shells, we copied the morphology of an actual fish.

  • So this is based on a giant Daniel, which is the larger cousin of the zebra fish that you see in the pet shop all the time.

  • We can make this shape like anything are, um, future research is going to involve looking at how increasing body depth changes the maneuverability.

  • So think about plate shaped fish like a discus or my place or escape toe well places and skates are interesting because they've turned their heads to the side, and so they look like they're top to bottom.

  • But they do swim like a laterally compressed fish.

  • But I think more like tangs like Dori.

  • I'm trying to see what mother.

  • This is not just unplug it.

  • Complaining?

  • Yeah.

  • No, that didn't drop the amperage.

  • Okay, there's a few different applications, mainly opportunities for underwater reconnaissance.

  • It could be applied to mean the Navy would be interested in things like this, but so would, uh, oil rig inspections as well as dams and bridges.

  • Most often, the robots they're using right now are shaped like refrigerators and have about six squirt guns pointing off several different directions.

  • And so you can imagine, Jet.

  • Yeah, you've got a very unhygienic dynamic shape that's very unstable.

  • A match with the very complicated control scheme.

  • And so you lose these things all the time, and they're like, $5 million apiece.

  • So if you have a control scheme that's more robust, but it's still just as maneuverable.

  • You can potentially not lose things nearly as often s.

  • Oh, yeah, yeah, but the other thing is like just underwater exploration in general, like weaken scuba dive and free divers can dive down in like 500 feet.

  • But they can only be down there for 32 40 minutes, depending on the circumstances.

  • And so because of that, we know almost nothing about what's happening underwater.

  • Ultimately, it would be good if we can spend a whole lot more time underwater and drones like this.

  • They're going to be important for being able to expand our capabilities in that round.

  • So a single wave, we're working on more complex implementations, and finally, it can even perform something called concertina locomotion.

  • And so once it gets to that point, it'll finish a cycle.

  • So this is what they do inside of a tunnel.

  • If it hit the tunnel wall, it would be detecting that.

Technically, his name is Gilbert with two l's.


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