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  • normally be in school.

  • But today I'm just gonna go give him a special on Have one.

  • I'm Gable dress.

  • I'm 16 years old and I'm a student.

  • You know, Lis or there.

  • I live in London.

  • I'm half French, so I do speak French freely.

  • Government his living in a state of self dealing.

  • I didn't.

  • My dad is just the two of us, and we usually spend it on Time's cover because we live together.

  • So, yeah, we played board games.

  • Chazz always be him.

  • It's really cool relationship.

  • Hey, yes, I'm not the only musical person in my family because as my grandpa Lords who plays the guitar because the lives of FUCKS, we'll practice the gavel he'll teach me on Skype.

  • Yeah, I was really cool.

  • He's a great guitarist.

  • It's cool to have a grandpa I can play, thank you very much.

  • But the waste is a showdown in watching for a long time now.

  • I want to see the boom and the seed of chairs turning around when it's so badly I love to make people dance and entertain them.

  • Made them happy.

  • So I hope I'm gonna make people dance today.

  • You gave you were sinking like you won't it?

  • Like you mean like, was you dancing?

  • Yeah, way.

  • Just do the course again.

  • So you get like, I'm super happy that I turned for you, bro.

  • Like sometimes the audience knows.

  • And they were like what you do.

  • And I'm thinking it's like another one of those things.

  • Like Gu Tru Wiltshire will like when you're a superstar.

  • These are the guys that responsible way.

  • My dad and my grandma.

  • Wow.

  • Froth originally.

  • But I live in London.

  • You speak French?

  • Yeah.

  • Jimmy Apparent will.

  • I am who?

  • Theo.

  • Anything Great songs.

  • Rather looking forward to seeing you do next.

  • That was a really good audition.

  • Should be really proud of it.

  • Here.

  • Welcome, Thio.

  • Thank you very much.

normally be in school.


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