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  • So, for the fourth day of Christmas

  • we have four different drink receptacles.

  • First, we have a mug from Russia

  • which is part of a project on supercritical fluids,

  • my area of research.

  • Then you probably know I collect plastic water bottles

  • and Sam Tang just brought me this one from Hong Kong

  • new sort of water bottle from Hong Kong

  • they are usually green

  • Now this is a blue Watson's water bottle

  • Brady, who doesn't really like my water bottles, brought

  • me this one from San Francisco, where he films Numberphile

  • - his maths channel

  • and if you turn it round, you can see it says


  • I don't agree with him.

  • And then finally, there is a vodka glass

  • which I really quite like because it's got my surname,

  • Poliakov, on it, though it's not spelled quite the same way

  • Some of you may have seen our video on Vodka

  • Mendeleyev vodka and of course, Poliakov vodka

  • So watch it if you haven't.

  • So for our fourth day of Christmas

  • we have four drink receptacles

  • three chemical badges

  • two periodic table bed covers

  • and a piece of tartaric acid from a Swiss wine barrel

  • Let's see what happens for Day 5.

  • [Dr. Holly Krieger] ...this is known as the Mersenne Sequence.

  • Well people have heard of the Mersenne Sequence because this famous question that we don't know

  • how to answer is, "Are there infinitely many prime numbers in this sequence?"

  • Since this question is so hard, one easier question we could ask would be,

  • "What do the prime divisors of each element of this sequence look like?"

  • [Brady Haran] That seems like a harder question!

  • [Dr. Krieger, laughing] Well it might be a harder question depending on how specific you want to get.

So, for the fourth day of Christmas


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4:飲料容器(聖誕12天 (4: Drink Receptacles (12 Days of Christmas))

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