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  • JOEL MCHALE: Hi, I'm Joel, and I'm here to tell you all about

  • the word "prickly." Now, the word "prickly" means covered

  • in sharp points.

  • And I'm going to show you some prickly things.

  • This is a cactus.

  • CACTUS: Hey, look, I'm a busy plant.

  • Can we get to the point here?

  • JOEL MCHALE: Of course we can.

  • We can get to all the points.

  • CACTUS: Huh?

  • JOEL MCHALE: See these pointy spines all over you, Cactus?

  • CACTUS: Well, yeah.

  • JOEL MCHALE: Well, they are very sharp, and they are what

  • make you prickly.

  • CACTUS: Wow.

  • You get me, Joel.

  • You really get me.

  • JOEL MCHALE: Now, cactuses aren't the only things that

  • are prickly.

  • CACTUS: Aw, just when I thought I was special!

  • JOEL MCHALE: Pineapples are also prickly.

  • Come on out here, Pineapple!

  • PINEAPPLE: What do you need to know?

  • Ask me anything.

  • I'm very sharp.

  • JOEL MCHALE: You sure are, Pineapple.

  • As a matter of fact, you have sharp points all over you.

  • And that is what makes you--?

  • PINEAPPLE: Prickly!

  • JOEL MCHALE: That's right, prickly!

  • PINEAPPLE: I told you I was sharp.

  • JOEL MCHALE: Now I know what you're thinking.

  • Some fruits and some plants are prickly,

  • but what about animals?

  • CACTUS: That's exactly what I'm thinking!

  • What about animals?

  • PINEAPPLE: Are there any prickly animals?

  • JOEL MCHALE: Oh, there sure are.

  • Everyone say hello to my friend, the porcupine.

  • PORCUPINE: You can look, but you better not touch!

  • JOEL MCHALE: Why not, Porcupine?

  • PORCUPINE: Because I'm full of sharp quills!

  • I'm prickly.

  • JOEL MCHALE: That's right, Porcupine.

  • You're prickly!

  • PORCUPINE: Mm-hmm.

  • CACTUS: Wow, I can't believe we're all prickly!

  • PINEAPPLE: Aw, it's like we're one big, prickly family!

  • PORCUPINE: Come on, guys, group hug!

  • CACTUS: Yeah, good idea!

  • JOEL MCHALE: Wait, you guys, wait, wait!

  • Ah!

  • Ah!

  • Ah!

  • Prickly!

  • Ah.

  • Ah.

  • Get off of me.

  • This is exactly what I was talking about.

  • Ah!

JOEL MCHALE: Hi, I'm Joel, and I'm here to tell you all about


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A1 初級

芝麻街。喬爾-麥克海爾演示了 "挑刺 "這個詞。 (Sesame Street: Joel McHale demonstrates the word "Prickly.")

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