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  • I make blast climb bums and I'm a cloth.

  • Klein bottles fabric climb balls fit on your head.

  • If you start taking this inside out, I notice.

  • So you pull it inside out and keep going.

  • Keep going.

  • Keep going.

  • Eventually you get a shape that remember, this is same same bottle where the fabric is going in one direction and the other direction it's There's a circular hole where my finger touching this part of the manifold is going left.

  • This finger is going to the right, so there's a round hole around here.

  • Okay, I looked at that and I said, I'll bet that that's related to what in topology is called across Cap.

  • I looked at and I said, OK, that's nice to know.

  • So one day I'm over here doing the laundry free.

  • Come here, check this out.

  • So I'm doing the laundry one day, and I were I reach in and pull out my genes.

  • Well, my jeans see a lot of service and I pull it out and I look a TTE the pants like and well, if there's a hole in the knee, I know that I'll keep wearing it.

  • But the pants leg has pulled through its hole so that it goes up along here and down long here.

  • No words.

  • If I had it the right way out, if I hadn't been pulled inside out, you'd be Justin ordinary pants leg with a hole in it, but popped out of the dryer looking like this when I looked at it and said, Wait a second.

  • This shape here where one side is going this way.

  • This side is going this way.

  • It's the same fabric shape.

  • There's a head with this.

  • Okay, so I said, Hey, I could probably make a clang bottle out of this pants leg.

  • All they have to do is cut it across here and bring it around so it together.

  • Okay, so I start with this cut off a leg right there.

  • So now we have a pant leg with a hole in the knee in this funny shape.

  • What?

  • I'm calling across, Captain.

  • I think it's a total logical cross kept I have to do is bring this around into a fell Seem to get this.

  • I know.

  • Have a This hole has gotta be the same if this whole this pathway up here is the same as this pathway up here.

  • This is a denim Klein bottle that you can make and the way to make it.

  • If you don't want to use Denham, is you say OK, find a shirt or a pair of pants so you have a shirt that's, you know, no your usual J random shirt and start by cutting the sleeve off.

  • Cut the sleeve along here.

  • No, I have the ingredients for a climb bottle.

  • There's the whole that was in the sleeve.

  • The cuff.

  • I'll bring this.

  • Bring the cuff through the hole.

  • I know have that interesting cross cap going up this way.

  • Going down this way.

  • Bring these around so that the shoulder part is sewn to the cuff and that'll make declined bottle.

  • So this is the way.

  • If you want a Klein bottle of an old shirt, you don't have to come to klein bottle dot com and buy this.

  • You don't have to go get it.

  • Klein Bottle hat at my website.

  • Save you money.

  • Save me time and recycling old shirt into a total logical manifold.

  • You can get to Klein bottles out of every old church.

  • You got another pair of Klein bounce out of every pair of pants.

  • Is that a deal or what?

  • And, yes, there are Klein bottles in here.

I make blast climb bums and I'm a cloth.


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如何用舊牛仔褲製作克萊因瓶 - Numberphile (How to make a Klein Bottle from an old pair of jeans - Numberphile)

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