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  • [music]

  • I remember Googling,

  • "Are you an alcoholic?"

  • and not thinking

  • people who drink normally

  • don't wonder that.

  • I never thought it was a problem.

  • I just go to another doctor and they would prescribe it, and then,

  • well, heroin is pretty much the same thing.

  • I didn't like

  • going outside like that, but

  • I wasn't going to hide in the house my whole life.

  • It was just like

  • you can't touch me. I felt like I had superpowers.

  • Moms want to fix things for their kids,

  • and I couldn't,

  • I couldn't fix him,

  • and I didn't have anyone to talk to about it.

  • I called that number and

  • they asked how they could help.

  • Having the employee assistance program

  • saved my life.

  • I don't know that I would have stopped drinking as early as I did.

  • How can anyone ever step up and say,

  • "I need help"

  • or "My

  • person I care about

  • is dying."

  • You can't do that

  • [whispering] when everyone is forcing you to whisper.

  • We talk a lot about addiction,

  • we don't necessarily talk a lot about recovery.

  • 23 million Americans

  • live in long term recovery today,

  • right now, here in the United States,

  • -but where are their stories? -People need hope

  • and whole towns are dying.

  • People need to see, people like me

  • that are striving and thriving,

  • you can overcome it.

  • [music]



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