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  • - [Instructor] I'm here at the Khan Academy exercise

  • called Find One on the Number Line

  • and they're asking us to do exactly that.

  • It says, "Move the dot to one on the number line,"

  • and it's a little interactive dot

  • that I can move around.

  • And so, let's think about how I would do it

  • and I always encourage you,

  • pause this video and see at least how

  • you would think about doing it

  • or put your finger on the screen where you think one is

  • and then we'll work through it together.

  • All right.

  • So they've told us where zero is

  • and they've told us where seven fourths is.

  • So one thing I could do is

  • I could say well how many of these equal spaces

  • does it take me to get from zero to seven fourths.

  • So let's see it's one, two, three, four, five, six, seven.

  • So if it takes seven equal spaces to get to seven fourths,

  • that means that each of these spaces is one fourth

  • because then it would be one fourth, two fourths,

  • three fourths, four fourths, five fourths, six fourths,

  • and seven fourths.

  • All right, we're making some good progress.

  • So where would one be?

  • Well, one would be four fourths.

  • So we would go one fourth, two fourths, three fourths,

  • and then four fourths.

  • So that's where one is.

  • So the important thing to realize is the only way

  • we knew that each of these, each of these gaps,

  • or each of these spaces from one hash to the next,

  • the way that we knew that each of those is a fourth

  • is by saying hey look, seven of those equal spaces

  • get us to seven fourths,

  • so each of these must be a fourth.

  • So four of those, four fourths, would be equal to one.

  • Let's do another example.

  • So here, we're said, we're told to move the dot

  • to one on the number line.

  • So put your finger on where that would be on the screen.

  • Pause the video and do that.

  • All right.

  • In some ways this is a little bit easier

  • because they told us that going from zero

  • to the next little cross or hash, I guess you could say,

  • whatever you want to call these things, is one sixth.

  • So what is one?

  • Well, one or one whole is six sixths.

  • So this is one sixth, two sixths, three sixths,

  • four sixths, five sixths, and then six sixths.

  • So there we go.

  • That is where is one is on this number line.

- [Instructor] I'm here at the Khan Academy exercise


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在數字線上找1 (Finding 1 on the number line)

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