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We're lucky with our own Children because they were just young enough.
I think through really escape escape the main thrust of that.
But with them, our oldest niece are Do remember she was within six weeks of graduating from the university and she was going around with the ah young man.
Attractive enable fine fellow.
It was also about six weeks away from graduating, and and they had apparently gotten into a variety of drugs.
And I don't know this for a fact that it seemed pretty clear and they became almost disoriented.
It was as if they no longer cared.
They didn't want to take their final exams was a springtime.
They couldn't get themselves over that last six weeks to a university degree.
And the best my knowledge, they've never gotten their degree since they were living in some kind of a curve, a commune.
And, um, it was very sad and very difficult to see that happen.
And no one couldn't reach them or talk to them.
It wasn't they were antagonistic.
They're perfectly friendly.
But it was always say Well, as if you know, you'd never understand.
You wouldn't understand, you know, And, um, we have to live our own lives, and this is what we're doing.
And after all, what's the importance of a college degree?
It's the superficial thing, and people get ahead in society.
We were gonna get ahead in our own way without it, and so that was very difficult to see happen.


Drugs In The 1960s Damaged His Niece & Her Boyfriend

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