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I need a drink.
E level with her.
That's freaking legit.
Oh, hi.
This is mostly ex and you sing our song.
Theo, Any guy I can feel you.
You're so beautiful.
I want to Colombo with her.
She really knows how to control the boy's voice.
She steals variation and she knows how to control her voice.
Yeah, basically heard voices Beautiful Coop up fast.
You are beautiful.
Voice is amazing.
Wait, I need a drink.
E i e i o level with her.
She really knows control.
Thank you.
Oh, God!
Oh, my God.
You know what?
Oh, my life is a warring.
And now this dampening what is going on?
Fuck Seeing that they like it is so unreal And I don't know what to say.
These emotions little exhausting.
I gotta do I Look, my makeup is away.
Such an honor.
I cannot describe it.
It's so unreal.
I really, uh, absolutely be Thank you so much.
Melissa X comes Tommy.
You really read so much to me and yeah, stay say's I really don't say I feel like a fool.
Why she doesn't playing my head lead part.
You're set just kidding.
Just kidding.
Actually, I learned finally, when I was young.
You really it was just seven.
She's professional and I'm just like a teen baby, how you leave me, honey, take a pathological come earlier than a cracking on.
Shall we show you?
You are gorgeous.
Like, Oh, is that down thinking I Oh, she's professional.
And I'm just like, Hey, baby, how you led me on a take off camera shall be Surely you good.
Yeah, well, that's the best I've ever.
I mean, this is kind of like one of my dreams that I've always had that I would get to meet like a K pop Idol band.
Or they would somehow find out that I exist in the world where I did not happy.
Now this motivates me even more to keep going with my channel.
They just really love their fans.
And that is really inspiring to me because they say true to themselves and that they were so persistent in their effort.
And they just constantly inspire me to keep going and cream use it in my own way.
Wait, wait.
I really she's like, just like she was, like, clearly just playing.
Thank you.
Wasn't like all activists.
Yeah, Octopus.
I like your dance moves.
I have you have You have a great voice.
And you're Herrick it?
Hey, Justin Bieber.
I'm just a big thank you wasn't like that.
You have to have a great voice.
Thank you so much.
I'm shaking.
I feel honored.
The peace.
It's always nice things about me.
Like this thing motivates me like I want to do more and more really means Lots of me I didn't expect except expect to say that I heard is beating so fast Like I'm studying and cat talk.
They inspired me to do what I do now because, like I've seen them work so hard, they made me like all of my heart and do what I love.
Like I don't need to think about anyone.
Would like judges me Just do whatever I want.
I feel more confident with myself.
Most ex like me boys and they think I'm cute.
You guys are great.
They love your voices.
You're talented.
I love Harry.
You're wonderful.
I'm going back because of all the things you do keep coming.
My generous with you, but I'm OK.
Mother doesn't stop trying.
I think these guys are better.
Stop, you know, Get now.
Beat it Good.
It's really good.
You know, I've never seen it before.
Vocal the mooring gesture.
I can't see her confidence on her face.
Yeah, Mallory did a great job.
Oh, shoo.
Hey, hey!
I didn't even know the heads on my video.
Hey, that's freaking cool.
Oh, shoot!
That was also know, I feel like I'm all hot here because, like, a like a like a little red.
Now, that's freaking awesome.
Yes, it just makes me love them even more like do They're legit because, you know, you know, some people they don't they don't really pay attention to their fans.
So for them to be, like, any bit acknowledging, you know, us little people, you know, makes me very humbled and very happy.
Told me my day, like this whole made my whole year.
I swear.
Thank you for, you know, taking the time to watch my video and like, really meant the world to me and just totally made my year.
And they're freaking awesome.
I love them.
They're awesome.


Monsta X Watches Fan Covers on YouTube - Part 1 | Glamour

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林宜悉 發佈於 2020 年 3 月 28 日
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