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  • Kick his ass Billy

  • Yes, Billy

  • Brian bio me

  • Let them go and I'll come inside. No first. You come inside then maybe I'll let them go

  • Good boy

  • Cuz that's all you are isn't it I'm over him basically 15. Mm-hmm

  • When I was a child the old man told me I wasn't good enough yet here you are a coward

  • Run from me. I know as it chooses you you're not a hero, but I'm gonna give you the opportunity to be one

  • Give me the power of a champion. Oh, don't do it, Billy

  • Give me the power and I'll let you go

  • No, I have to I have to it's it's what a good brother would do, right

  • Really

  • I

  • Dedicated my life to getting here I

  • Scoured the earth. No one believed me

  • No one helped not the wizard

  • My family I

  • Only had myself I get it I

  • Get what that's like

  • Feeling like you're all alone in the world Stan

  • Feeling like there's that one thing if you could just find it then you finally be good enough Stan

  • The champions name say it

  • But no offense, mr. But I don't think these things have your best interest at heart

  • Don't listen to this child

  • Take the staff

  • Hold it and say the champion's name

  • They're using you. You have to see that that they are using you. Say your name

  • His name is Captain Sparkle fingers

  • To you let her brother go

  • Boy am I glad I didn't sell that Batarang Hey Joe is that Elaine

  • Come on come on guys

  • I appreciate the thought I really do but I don't think your weapons are gonna help you then put them down now

  • The war was right here Billy, how do we get out of here? What do you think? I know? I don't know

  • Yes. Whoo go go go go go. Follow Darla. Good job. Darla. Go go go go kids

Kick his ass Billy


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沙贊遇上七宗罪|沙贊![4k, HDR] (Shazam meets Seven Deadly Sins | Shazam! [4k, HDR])

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