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Kick his ass Billy
Yes, Billy
Brian bio me
Let them go and I'll come inside. No first. You come inside then maybe I'll let them go
Good boy
Cuz that's all you are isn't it I'm over him basically 15. Mm-hmm
When I was a child the old man told me I wasn't good enough yet here you are a coward
Run from me. I know as it chooses you you're not a hero, but I'm gonna give you the opportunity to be one
Give me the power of a champion. Oh, don't do it, Billy
Give me the power and I'll let you go
No, I have to I have to it's it's what a good brother would do, right
Dedicated my life to getting here I
Scoured the earth. No one believed me
No one helped not the wizard
My family I
Only had myself I get it I
Get what that's like
Feeling like you're all alone in the world Stan
Feeling like there's that one thing if you could just find it then you finally be good enough Stan
The champions name say it
But no offense, mr. But I don't think these things have your best interest at heart
Don't listen to this child
Take the staff
Hold it and say the champion's name
They're using you. You have to see that that they are using you. Say your name
His name is Captain Sparkle fingers
To you let her brother go
Boy am I glad I didn't sell that Batarang Hey Joe is that Elaine
Come on come on guys
I appreciate the thought I really do but I don't think your weapons are gonna help you then put them down now
The war was right here Billy, how do we get out of here? What do you think? I know? I don't know
Yes. Whoo go go go go go. Follow Darla. Good job. Darla. Go go go go kids


Shazam meets Seven Deadly Sins | Shazam! [4k, HDR]

17 分類 收藏
林宜悉 發佈於 2020 年 3 月 28 日
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