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you're about to see a clip from a film I made called a nurse.
I am I'm David, often filmmaker, And in this particular moment, one of the great nurses that I filmed reads a poem that expresses who she is now.
How is she judged as a great nurse?
This is part of a competition.
The nurses were judged and picked on how caring they were, how they overcame challenges, how they just made people feel good.
Isn't that true for a good nurse?
Somehow, when I'm in the hospital, when I've been there, the doctors, they do their job.
But it's the nurses who dominate the feelings you have.
So there's this woman, one of the people we're filming.
She's a faith based nurse.
About 40% of the nurses that I filmed were Faith Paste, and she just is a beautiful person.
And at the end of filming, or she says to me, uh, I wrote a poem on how I feel.
Please, I said, Read it.
That's what you're about to see.
My ambition as a nurse has never been to seek fortune and thing or bye bye, good deeds to create an image where as human would ever forget my name.
But there's one assurance for which are proudly lay claim, and that's my choice to serve my fellow man for much more than earthly game.
When I chose nursing as my duty cold, I promised to render aid to my patients.
One and all that's right.
Now, regardless of weather and riches are poverty.
Their lives did fall as I remember the oath I promised dearly in my heart.
So deep.
Yes, a nurse with compassion and perseverance, I am, And I'm proud to say I love people and my profession in a very special way.
Though the job has not been easy, I made a promise to stay for many years ago.
I was blessed in a wonderful way.
A nurse I am.


Magnificent Nurse Writes Short Poem In Support Of Nurses

12 分類 收藏
林宜悉 發佈於 2020 年 3 月 28 日
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