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  • make my night in the morning.

  • Get the news.

  • She come on my own.

  • I stepped outside.

  • I need my take one down.

  • It might be You mean I mean overused My nice All over my nice All over my nice together Eating a count your blessings country stows with that stroke This way to go under this fresh way, Bubba, we don't mesh way drinking us a mess.

  • Charlie Black into dog shit they already know is not too many about the click.

  • Does shit been busy chasing that?

  • The paper coming gave me like I'm sick.

  • Does have been planning.

  • Been outside going.

make my night in the morning.


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特拉維斯-斯科特 - 逾期未歸 (Travis Scott - Overdue)

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