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hello audio levels.
Charlie and I are going down to the lake again.
Um, we're obviously point Pokemon go, because that's the best game of human existence.
We'll also just, like, go on, take pictures and stuff.
So I'm gonna get there in 10 minutes.
Oh, yeah.
Charlie thinks it'll take 10 minutes.
I think it'll take 20 minutes.
So we're gonna see what happened was closer.
Awesome cloud over Toronto, guys, I'm going to attempt another hyper laps.
It's too dark.
These things are really hard to do, but I'm gonna try it.
What was that?
Time lapse, guys.
Where the hyper lapse?
Both of them.
I thought my that hyper lapse was definitely the best one I've ever taken.
Yeah, let's get off.
I think I did the high, perhaps a little bit too fast, but I figured out a way to keep the lighthouse in the same position, so I think it was pretty good.
I think so.
I hope it turned out well, right.
So I'm leaving Charlie now, and I'm going to go home.
I guess I think I'm gonna go and do like, some more time lapses.
I'm just really in the time lapse mood.
I'm gonna go do some more time lapses.
I don't know what I'm gonna do, but I'm gonna do it.
All right, guys.
So right now I am underneath this bridge in this park just because I feel like it.
I don't know why I'm down here.
I don't know.
I actually don't know why.
I just felt like coming down here.
So I am Hee hee Very dark.
So I stopped the time lapse early because the clouds rolled in really fast.
And I'm blinded by this light right now.
My God.
But if I turn it off, you guys can't see me.
So I've just been chilling here, and it's really creepy down here.
Like I was saying, I don't know why I came down here.
I just had the urge to and I was like, You know what?
I'm gonna go on this little adventure.
There's bugs attacking me.
In case you didn't know, I'm like, a little bit obsessed with space.
I absolutely love space and star photography is like, my favorite thing ever.
So I tried to do it today, but it got so cloudy, and I guess I'm just wishing that I was in a place where I could do star photography.
But I can't do in my town because there's too much light pollution in this summer, though I will trust me.
It's literally my favorite thing to Dio.
I could literally stare at the sky and just think for, like, four hours and be happy.
You know what I mean?
Like, I don't know.
Is that weird?
I could just think and think and think, and I'd be perfectly fine, but a lot of people are, like, really impatient stuff, but I actually I'm not.
I could just chill, and I don't mind doing these things by myself, Actually.
Absolutely love it.
I think we're gonna go back home now, though, because it's just a little bit creepy down here.
And, um, I can't see anything.
I keep hearing weird noises in the bushes.
I'm back in my car now, But before I got here on the way back, I took some star pictures because the clouds started fading there back now.
But anyway, so I took star pictures on the way back.
Some of them are cool, some of the murder, but I'll show you anyway.
So, Ugo, how'd you guys like those little pictures weren't amazing, but just something todo I'm gonna drive home now and probably get something like I'm the last car here.
This is quite easy.
You want to say like that here?
Uh uh, This light is literally the longest light in my entire life.
Okay, People say that all the time.
This I've listened to three songs while this light has been read.
There's a sign that says no Right, turn on red.
So I have to wait for this red light.
I can't go a different way.
What is happening?
Why's it still grade?
This is the fourth Sog.
Okay, screw this.
I'm going right.
I really don't care if they have red light cameras because that light has been red for 10 minutes.
How does that make sense back home and I got pizza.
Look at that.
Did not expect that to be there today.
It was basically just like a bunch of time lapses.
Like in case you haven't noticed.
What I'm trying to do on this channel is I'm trying to become a better filmmaker, so I'm trying to do more time lapses that I'm trying to put it editing into it, you know?
So I'm trying to take it to the next level.
It's gonna get better and better and better.
And that's what my plan is for the summer.
Just make you better and better.
Better, better and better.
So I'm just gonna keep challenging myself with doing these hyper lapses and school things like that.
Um, yeah, that's about it.



27 分類 收藏
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