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okay so we were supposed to go Halloween costume shopping with the boys it was in
my calendar but honestly I haven't slept in two days so who I decided to
volunteer Gary to go pick up the kids from school and go pick our costumes and
you know what I don't even have energy to give the erection so this year for
good or bad might be catastrophic experience the kids and Gary will choose
our family's costume as much as I'm a Virgo and like perfectionist in a lot of
different areas in my life having three kids really humbled me and got me used
to the fact that anything to do with like Pinterest mom's situation DIY
costumes like perfect looking family moments it's not part of my life so I'm
just giving them the freedom just fly just enjoy just do what you want and
hopefully do it for long enough that I can get a good nap so right now we are
going to the costume shop so what do you guys thinking like what do you like what
are you thinking wait wait wolves our Halloween costumes last year Joe's right
Incredibles that's right look at us that Incredibles
I know we can be for Halloween boys we can all be different apps an app like
Waze ways is an app no exhausting where do you learn these words from
what if I told you that if we're gonna be Incredibles then there's no candy
well what's gonna happen if I step here
no no it's not real it's not real okay who's brave enough to come with me
me let's go penny come with us
nothing's going on Benny Benny Benny let's hold hands let's
go no you guys are missing the whole point
you slide about whistles it's about costumes we need costumes somebody want
to be poop well okay we have to get this one this is a must you like this one
that's not a video game son that's a breathalyzer okay so you're picking
Mama's outfit now what is it hit my pick for Mama
so you want mama to be a taco you want me to be a taco so Mama's a banana okay
so now we're gonna get coffee for you guys okay so for Max's pick for maxi no
that's not we need a costume for max that's not that's not costume don't they
have like little baby outfits you're gonna be let me see this is who you want
to be cat-boy oh and let me see if it's your size this is for two year old so
four year old you're five six
all right let me see you want to be a gecko let me see all right so this is
two to four years old you're gonna be five in a couple of weeks so I think
I'll get the bigger size for you no you know what let's get both just in case
all right so we'll get both because in case one doesn't fit okay well just get
Ben the two to four that might be a little tight but that's okay Benny okay
now we have to get four Maximus okay
that's four little babies he's too big already you want to get this one why are
you doing you know what let's see maybe he'll fit into this thing I don't know
let's get this just in case six to twelve this pumpkin is gonna do a lion
they have a six and now let's try it light you guys don't do this all right
boys let's go what's going on here what is this costume Gary what are the kids
pick for your Halloween costume
my goodness who is this character this Halloween yeah that's not true oh it's a
there's a king of the jungle oh yeah what you can do what he can do
stand there he has new powers
there's literally nobody out on the street I have an idea
we can just go inside lock the door and eat all the candy and not give it to the
other kid it's raining waiting it's in another place faster more Sun don't take
the first offer little I've been here for two minutes
what is that
repeat really wants to be realistic that actually be a body under here how many
snacks did you get already let's see
thank you thank you but no peanuts nice work so that is like what are you
allergic today he's like that's using me no Jake is actually upset because he's
like why might not allergic I want to be allergic cause like no you know costumes
you're just walking around not teenagers they're literally 10 years old
no you saw me this carry all the candy you guys how did you JT
you need to slow down my love no more sugar
no more device put everything that you already have
he kept cats he had this whole box of Smarties he had springville's thank you
so much for watching our Halloween vlog let me know what you guys dressed up as
and if you want to see our last week's of love


INSTAGRAM VS REALITY | The Lipovetsky Family Edition

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