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With the new Nokia 8 flagship right around the corner, it's time to check Nokia's most
budget smartphone – the Nokia 3.
Nokia has built some of the most durable phones I've ever tested, so it will be interesting
to see if this lower price point and lower specs constitute a sacrifice in build quality.
My durability tests are the only way to find out.
Let's get started.
Between the Nokia 3310 and the Nokia 6, Nokia has a reputation of extremely solid build
quality, but do they compromise on their low-end smartphones?
This strikingly attractive white and gold Android phone is one of the cheapest Nokia
smartphones on the market.
We'll test the screen first.
My Mohs picks leave no question as to what the screen is made out of with the different
A plastic screen would scratch at a level 3.
Tempered glass screens scratch at a level 6 – and that's what we're seeing here.
This is advertised as an unspecified version of Gorilla Glass.
Nokia hasn't used sapphire yet on a phone; that would scratch at a level 8 – but maybe
someday in the future we'll see that utilized.
The front facing 8 megapixel camera is tucked under the same front glass, so it's definitely
protected against scratches.
Along with that Nokia logo on the top right side of the phone.
The earpiece is recessed below the glass, and unfortunately it's not permanently attached.
It is loosely adhered in place and it's relatively safe to assume that eventually this little
piece of screen will fall out of place – exactly like we saw with many of the older Apple iPhone
The bottom of the phone has no fingerprint scanner, so if you're into that kind of thing,
this probably isn't the phone for you.
The capacitive buttons are protected under the same slab of front glass that the screen
and front camera are under.
The back of the phone is where we run into our first issue... a plastic camera lens.
The camera itself is only 8 megapixels and only films in 720p, but at the same time,
nobody wants scratches on their camera lens no matter how budget their phone is.
A plastic camera lens is just asking for trouble – especially since it is flush with the
back panel.
Prime scratching location with zero protection.
Speaking of scratching, the back panel is made from plastic.
Like most budget phones, plastic is cheaper to work with than metal.
And plastic is fine.
While the plastic scratching sound isn't as immensely satisfying as metal on metal that
we've grown to love – our class with Jerry is still a thing.
And look, the beautiful white background is now a snowflake.
But just like the plastic camera lens, a large orange and white snowflake isn't good for
The sides of the phone are made from metal, which is a pleasant surprise on a budget phone.
Even the buttons are made from metal.
Usually budget phone manufacturers slip in some plastic buttons, so it's nice to see
Nokia leaving the premium feeling materials intact.
The top of the phone has a headphone jack, which adds to the convenience on so many levels.
It even has an SD card slot on the side for expandable memory.
This budget Android phone makes an excellent upgrade if you're coming from any of the recent
The bottom of the phone does have a micro USB slot and not the USB-C which is becoming
standard on most Androids.
I'll have to dock it a few points for that one.
Jumping into the burn test.
This is a 5 inch 720p IPS screen which Nokia says will allow you to see better in daylight.
It only survives about 10 seconds under my lighter though.
The pixels eventually do recover under my lighter under extreme heat, and that's one
of the bonuses of IPS displays...since phones usually come in contact with fire so often.
And finally the ultimate test of build quality – the bend test.
The construction of the phone is stressed to the max during the phase of my testing
and gives us a good idea if the phone can survive 2 years of abuse.
This Nokia 3 passes the bend test, even when flexed from both directions, and survives
my tests overall.
The plastic camera lens is a huge bummer, but a simple case or maybe even a skin would
raise the surface of the phone enough so that the lens won't rub on anything you set it
Besides the rear plastic lens, I think this is a good phone for the money.
I'll leave a link with the current pricing in the video description if you're interested.
Hit that subscribe button so you don't miss out on the new Nokia 8 test that's coming
Let's keep our fingers crossed that Nokia doesn't use that plastic camera lens on their
I'll be here to test out my phone on purpose, so that you don't have to find out with your
phone on accident.
Thanks a ton for watching.
I'll see you around.


Nokia 3 Durability Test! Scratch - Burn - Bend Tested!

75 分類 收藏
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