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This is a two minute review for Dear Esther by the Chinese Room and published by Curve Digital.
De Eso is one of the first of what is now known as the Walking Simulator.
I don't think that genre is defined correctly.
I prefer to call this genre the somewhat interactive BBC Radio Foreplay simulator do us.
It doesn't get off to a great start.
In fact, it's bleak.
Let's take a listen.
The girls do not land here.
I've noticed that this year they seemed to shun the place.
When he first landed here, Donnelly wrote that the herds were sickly and their shepherds the lowest of the miserable classes that populate these hybrid Ian Islands.
The game presents quite an expensive world, feeds a walkthrough, and it really is just walking through.
There aren't many paths or branches you can take as you walk through the world.
Dialogue is played, which delivers a story.
And as you progress further into the game, this story becomes more and more detailed and yet, at the same time, more and more bizarre and open to interpretation.
There was once talk of a wind farm out here, away from the rage and the intolerance of the masses.
See, they said, is too rough for the turbines to stand.
Don't expect funny moments and comedy Gold, though.
This game is really about trying to deliver an emotional state you and giving you the time to explore that state.
In contrast to the bleak and gloomy landscape through which you're walking is the absolutely superb soundtrack, which swells and mixes depending on the location and really adds to the sensation that somehow you're falling into madness.
Thegame is quite beautiful, if a little repetitive in the use of its textures and resources.
However, you won't spend much time looking at it because you're keen to push on with walking after walking through the game several times, he noticed that with each play through, there are subtle differences.
But it occurs to me this isn't really a single player game.


Two Minute Review: Dear Esther (PS4 GAME)

34 分類 收藏
林宜悉 發佈於 2020 年 3 月 28 日
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