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Welcome back to TwoSet Violin.
For those who are new to our channel,
we're two violinists here.
We like to make fun little videos.
We figured a lot of people don't understand
what it's like to actually play a musical instrument.
And people would often take advantage of that
for profit and gains.
Classical music exploitation!!
Today, we will put on our violin detective hats again,
and expose some...
- Mm... - nasty, fake musicians out there.
This is how you wash your hands, guys.
Well, let's see how fake it is.
Yeah, let's see.
We're violinists.
Let's see if we can confirm if it's a fraud.
Fraud. I can't speak.
F r a u d.
- Bro, it's so off beat! - Are you serious?
Oh no!
- They're not even- Yeah, there's no pizzicato! - Where is the pizzicato?!
Wait, let me get my violin.
How can they even do that?
That's so...
What you hear is...
But there's no plucking.
They're just doing...
And this guy's bow hold-
It looks like he can't even make a sound. His...
His bow is doing all this.
The guy in the grey is like...
Noooo, he gave money!!
How could you feel good in your...
consciousness... going-
*cough* consciousness... going-
Eddy: I-
I personally could not stand there for 3 hours
getting paid to do something that I'm not actually doing.
- That would eat away my soul. - Yeah.
I wouldn't feel good about it.
These guys were like
"I'm gonna support these young artists"
"that are struggling on the street,"
"busking, trying to make money."
Yeah. "They probably work so hard."
"They're talented."
"They sound so good."
But they're none of that!
Just scammers!
Dude, his bow's doing...
And it's bouncing like this.
It's just not on the beat.
- Dude, what is this guy doing?! - Dude, he's going...
And he's going...
- Meanwhile, this guy just go... - Yeah, he did the same thing the whole time.
At least he's kinda go...
- Every now and then, he has a sense of rhythm. - Yeah.
- Whenever there's a break, he just keeps going. - They're still going.
I love how they try to move.
He bends his knees over like...
as if he's musical, or getting into the music.
You're not!
You're getting into faking!
Hey hey, do you think they put oil on their bows?
They took it from the professional.
Imagine they watched our video.
They found out the secret.
Ha ha ha ha ha!
Yeay, not smart anymore.
The one he did with his bow, yeah.
- Oh my god. That's fake. - Oh...
- Tsk! - Alright.
We confirm it's a fraud.
If you see these guys in TTC station...
Alright, here's another one.
How many fake buskers are there!?
(I don't understand. He's not playing that music.)
"Why- why are you-"
- That dude just moved his bow away. - Yeah, he's just like
"Nah, you're not playing anymore."
The violin's still going.
Wow, so good to know there's-
- there's other violin police out there, doing their job, - ...doing their jobs out there.
- protecting the world from fake scammers. - Thank you.
Dude, and there's money in that violin case!
He's literally playing some other person's recording probably,
and then just miming and making profit
off someone else's recording.
Like, okay, maybe if miming was part of the act.
But that was not.
- It's misleading, that's it. - That's misleading them to think
that it's actual violin playing.
If you see a busker that's faking it,
and only if you know they're faking,
- don't do this if you're not sure. - Yeah.
- Like just, ruin someone's performance. - Yeah...
If you see it's faking,
just lift the bow up.
Yeah, just grab their bow,
- and listen to how the violin keeps going. - Let's do this. It'd be like...
See, look what happens when Eddy lifts my bow up.
Oh no...
"2020." This is happening now.
I'm glad they got busted.
- Yeah, I'm glad. - Yeah.
Oh my god...!
How is that a thing?
Like, okay, unless it's part of the act,
but I don't think that was part of the act.
It seemed like they just thought they can get away with it.
I don't know what language this is.
Is this Mexican?
Spanish, but-
Mexican? There's no language called Mexican!
But anyway, I don't know what they're saying.
I don't know the context.
But why, why is she faking it like this?
And that's some awkward postures as well.
She's just on the G string
when it's meant to be on the E string.
- That's already like... telltale sign. - Come on.
Even the camera is not following
'cause you're not important.
Wait, is the orchestra playing live there?
Yeah, they are.
- Oh... my... god! - Oh...
- If you did that in real life, - Oh...
- this is what she probably sounded in real life. - What...
There's so much movement on the left.
Step 1 of making good sound:
Contact must remain parallel,
and no skidding.
She's doing-
And then she bows with her left arm as well.
- Yeah, she's bowing like this. - The movement comes from the right.
I've never seen a left elbow so like this!
Look at that angle where-
It's like...
- The elbow is not- - Dude, it's so uncomfortable!
Ha ha ha!
But I'm surprised there's all these cameras out.
Why are you taking a-
That's where stock photos came from!
- From this performance, right? - Yeah...
Are they clapping her ability to...
get off the last note the same time as the track?
That's like clapping someone...
...for doing nothing.
...nothing, doing nothing!
Why are you encouraging fake playing?
Nah, I really wanna think
- there's some contexts I just don't understand. - Yeah.
'Cause it's Spanish.
But from even-
- Okay, contexts aside, from a musician's perspective... - Yeah.
- Just why, right? - Why would you do that?
Why don't you just get a musician to play it?
And then just have a dancer to dance.
Yeah, this is like a...
- discount Lindsey Stirling. Ha ha ha ha! - Yeah. Ha ha ha...
This is a really bad analogy,
but imagine there was like a basketball game,
except every time you threw the basketball,
- there's just like a string magnet. - Yeah...
- And the ball just goes into the hoop anyway. - Yeah.
- And everyone just claps anyway. - Yeah.
Like you kick the soccer ball into the goal.
- And the goal moves to where your ball is. - Yeah...
And everyone's like "ConGRatULaTIoNs!"
Maybe it's like wrestling.
It's fake, but people just like it for entertainment anyway.
*sings illuminati song*
Real musicians went through this:
For hours and hours...
Oh, that hurts!
Next one.
Dude, I like how they even held a mic there.
- It's like... - Look at him. He's smiling.
- He's like... - He's like "Uh-oh..."
That's a... live concert!
Why would she even wanna fake that?
Nothing against Katy Perry.
It's just the idea of...
- It's just the industry, right? - ...the industry getting faked out!
It's not enough that she's a famous singer.
"We also have to portray her"
- "as being able to play the recorder - Yeah.
'cause she's multitalented."
Yeah, she's- Wow, that's-
What else can she do?
- I love how she didn't even try to hide it. - Yeah.
- Yeah, she's just like "You know what, you got me." - She's just like "Yeah, you guys busted me!"
"I messed up."
Her face like...
Brett: Like "Uh-oh..."
So I... I can't play the flute!
It's a RECORDER!!!
I thought she was gonna make it better,
- but she made it worse. - I thought...
- I thought she saved herself. - She saved it, like just,
"Yeah, I can't play the..."
Actually, I wouldn't be surprised
if people don't know what it is.
Is this a cello or guitar?
This is a guitar, guys.
Oh, that's just depressing.
I mean like,
It's never black and white.
When you're in the entertainment industry,
obviously, there are things you need to do.
But at what point are we just creating this simulation?
Like, why practice when you can just
oil your bow, get paid more anyway...
than some actual stupid musician
that put in the hours of hard work?
It's like the guy said "work smart not-" No.
That's not smart, that's just...
work meaningless.
- Yeah. - Ha ha ha ha!
It's like, you may have won,
but at what cost?
Alright, guys.
We hope we revealed some truths.
And we hope this doesn't discourage you
because we do think practicing
is also very meaningful in some way or form.
It's a good feeling to actually to be able to-
...do it yourself?
Oh, it's a real sound!
Was that me?!
- Okay, guys. - I hope...
Coldplay doesn't copy strike us for that.
Oh yeah.
- I feel like we're getting really negative like... - Please like and subscribe!
Like and subscribe for some more positivity.
We'll be back to our usual schedule of...
'Cause that's what we're about.
Making classical music fun and enjoyable for everyone!
- Woo...! - Thank you so much for the support.
Give us a subscribe.


為何這些現場音樂表演都是假的 (Why These Music Live Performances Are So Fake)

103 分類 收藏
李芷凝 發佈於 2020 年 3 月 27 日
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