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several millennia before ever adorned a martini.
The olive and its oil was central to many ancient economies.
Today, olives remain as popular as ever.
Not only are they tasty, they're also healthy, low in calories and cholesterol and high end dietary fiber.
On Diane on lives are inedible unless that pickle these gold, my olives stuffed by hand, with all kinds of fillings, from omens to Golic and even cheese straight from the field, they go into barrels of Brian for nine months.
They ferment their hard and bitter flesh, becoming softer on sweeter thin.
It's onto a conveyor that takes them to the cleaning.
Every where workers remove leaves, another debris.
Next, they drop onto a belted conveyor.
Openings between the belts gradually widened as an olive reaches an opening, exceeding its with it folders three into a barrel below.
By the time the olives reached the end of their, they're all sorted by size.
Small, two extra large.
Next stop is the fitting room.
The first phase of the operation is a spinning drum with olive sized pockets lining.
His perimeter drum rotates on, olive settles into each market, this'll lines so that the exit the drum in a line onto the conveyor, transports them to the pitching machine.
Machine pits 900 olives every minute.
Let's slow it down to show you what happens.
Kohring knife enters one end of the only pushing the pet stone out of the way.
A two bit exits it creates holds good size for stuffing.
Next, a quality inspection because we down any old lives that effect that thing gets sent to the stuffing department.
These beauties of being stuffed with pickle gum stuff cuts the garlic on, then inserts one piece into each olive.
It's the same procedure with fillings.
Such a Filipino Pepe's Try tomatoes have an O peppers, onions.
Work is empty baskets of stuffed olives onto a table of empty jobs, spreading them around until every jar is full way to the camping machine.
The open jars Purcell.
The nozzles fill them with fresh Brian blows off a smooth cap.
Go on easily.
From there, it's into the camping machine, which twists a lid on each job.
Eat, sealing it for net tight fit, then stumping on a lot number for tracking purposes.
Finally, John's head into a machine that runs on a label.
Brian serves as a natural preservative, giving these gourmet olives a two year shelf life.



68 分類 收藏
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